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Invisible tanks


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Pfft, in current plans the UK is going to have 350 invisible tanks this year!

Good grief! It's as bad as the Royal Navy cuts. The U.K. is an island nation and we're going to be carrier free? Also, scrapping the harrier years before the F35 becomes available.

It's quite clear that the U.K. has been 'priced out' of any possible future major conflict!

Maybe no one will pick on us, although as we've picked on plenty over the centuries, perhaps that's unlikely. ;)


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I don't see much use for an invisible tank, as long as the enemy does know that these exist.

As with the current technology, they shall be quite visible right now.

Also, when moving, it's really obvious that theres something there.

Theres still the noise, the traces on the ground, the vegetation smashed, the sand cloud...

If it's parked or away from the enemy (still in his sight, only away), even moving behind vegetation maybe it's quite invisible I should think.


quoted from that link in the main post


01/12/2011 09:09 AM

Invisible pay increases are already here ! Stealth taxes ...is that the same technology as well ?

I think Iraq and Afghanistan had this years ago - why else did we not see the debacle that we are now in ? (cheers Labour !)



The people there are quite funny :rofl:


01/10/2011 12:43 PM

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Excellent.......they'll be telling us next that our aircraft carriers are actually kitted out with flights of invisible aircraft, flown by invisible pilots, serviced by invisible engineers.....

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Okay, try putting a silencer (suppressor) on a tank's main cannon. I rest my case.



OMG :ph34r:

I was thinking some... Tanks are not made for stealth, APCs are. The technology applied for APCs would be much more useful.

Here's a photo of the invisible tank:


Also, two photos of the new invisible planes:



There's also the invisible helicopter, in Ghost Recon:


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