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OF: Dragon Rising - PC v1.03 BETA patch released

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Please note this only works with the retail version of the game, not Steam.

Posted by Helios @ CM Forums

Hi all,

Before we pass over the details of this BETA patch, we'd just like to wish you all a happy new year and to thank you all for your continued support. Anyway, we hope you enjoy it! It's our nod to the modders and mission makers, who've been doing a great job keeping the game going through their user made content etc.

Many thanks to TemplarGFX who aided us in some external testing of this patch with some of his own mods. Please be aware though that this patch is an UNSUPPORTED BETA patch release, and is to be used at your own risk. You can download the patch at the below location.

Download location

If anyone has any errors applying the patch please let us know in this thread rather than creating a new one.

You can find the full patch notes below:

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising v1.03 beta patch

Added the ability for the game to load user modified*files from the DATA_WIN folder.**This allows modification of*various files and settings installed in the standard version of Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising.

Please be aware that this v1.03 patch is a BETA release. Use this patch at your own risk!


Double click on the self-extracting file and the beta patch will install in the proper directory.

Patch notes:

Upon installation of the beta patch save games may not work so please back up any wanted save game files before installing/uninstalling.

Users with v1.03 will only be able to join Co-Op/PvP matches with other users who are also patched up to v1.03.

v1.03 Patch is compatible with versions 1.00, 1.01 & 1.02 of the game.

v1.03 Patch contains all the game changes and updates found in both the 1.01 and 1.02 patches.

Known issues:

1) Win 7 and Vista - Version Number is 1.02 in games explorer, rather than the 1.03 you are told about in the post-install message.


installing the patch disables/deletes the D3DX9_42.DLL forcing the user to reinstall DX9 in order to play the game.


Ian 'Helios' Webster

Community Manager

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a bit more clarification on this patch from the CM forum

Patch 1.03 only does 1 thing, it ADDS the Load external game data step back into the loading process (It was removed by 1.01 patch).

that is ALL this patch does.

It does not fix any bugs, errors, glitches, oversights or innacuracies that were still present in version 1.02 of the game.

The only thing that this "patch" does is bringing back the mods support

Explains, why we suddenly get a 1.03 out of the blue, almost a year after they said That's it for Dragon Rising. No further patches or DLC

also why they are Beta'ing it as probably all of the original dev team have been on other things for a year

This is just too little, WAY too late. Majority of players will have long since uninstalled and moved on

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I think its time, if you have this game to give it a second chance theres been alot of work done on it by several modders who have brought out good lighting and ai mods aswell as some good single mission and campaign maps, and for those that like their action a bit darker theres even a zombie mod out, so perhaps its time to give the run and gun games a rest :charge: and get back to some good old sneaking about :ninja:

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I find the game fun but I am one of the Steam users so the update doesn't do me any good. but guys like TemplarGFX,GvsE and a bunch over there on CM forums have literally transformed this game into something awesome. I would give it a second chance especially since you can get it for under 5 bucks most places. Templar has released a new AI and lighting mod for 2011 its a must check out.

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