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Pre-order Display Boxes out on shelves in GAME store


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I agree,I feel though the front cover will/maybe close to this,but deffinately the back cover will change,there is no information like you would see on a full release,ie,xboxlive,dlc,co-op etc.There would be different stills on the back and more game information than this.

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same beliefs here, the future soldier image on the front is a little outdated i can imagine it will be updated and i agree about the back.

hey why isnt this on the news page, it's news enough.


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^^True on both posts.I have seen this happening in"my town" with other titles also.I remember splinter###### was on the shelf for a long long time,with the release dates

periodically changing.

I think I had that game pre-ordered almost a year by the time it came out.This may happen with GR:fs.

Now this is a big "if",

If it is lined up to come out in the next few months(or whatever-expect delays).

Where does this put the Beta (aka demo) in the release timeframe.?


Has anyone here from the U.K or U.S. seen it on any store shelves in your area.??

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what the beta or the boxes?

ive seen a few posters, certainly perking up a little where i live. and also were i work.

the beta, well i've read enough annoying posts on the GR facebook page about the beta so i've switched off from it, i sort of feel sorry for the devs sometimes, getting constantly bombarded with insults and ranting because they need to update the content for a (hopefully) better game.

but the Beta with any luck should be out withing a few months, there were a few glitches i picked up on in the gameplay demo from E3 that (if the devs have sense) needed to be adressed before release of any playable content. but GRFS in a tactical sense (and in my opinion) seems to be going back to its roots.

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We don't even know if they were printed up by Ubi and sent out, or if the store chain printed them up.

Ill see if I can get to town tomorrow and return to the same store and try and speak

with the store manager to get some answers as to weather it was made up by the store or

sent on Ubi's behalf.

I'll let you know.

Zee did you take any pics or ask any questions?

Thanks Rocky & Gr.net for the front page post. :thumbsup:

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So I called back to the same store today where I took the original pics.

There was no top manager on hand,but I kind of knew this guy in the store.

We ended up chatting and I asked him would he answer a few questions on GR:fs,

That I wanted a few answers for myself and for the Gr community.

He said no problem.He looked concerned and asked if there was a problem with the game,i just laughed.

I asked him about the game being on the shelf and as to where they get these pre-order

cover boxes.I said was it the game store that printed them or was it from the game developer themselves?

He didnt have an answer,but he called the guy that was in charge of the store at that time.

He declared that the developer more than likely hired an independant company to print these.

I asked who is the name on the independant company?He said it could be anybody they hire.

A large or small company.

I returned my conversation to my first contact,and explained the situtation with SCC and the Grfs beta pre-order.

We discussed the delay in the beta,and the lack of information the community has(nt) recieved from Ubisoft.

I told him that other game franchises interact with their fanbase and community,but not Ubisoft,

I said we are surprised to see the box cover on display,he then asked me when its being released,I told him about the pushbacks until between April 2011-April 2012,the beta being pushed back and the E3 demo footage being removed.(I said they can remove it but I still have my own edited gameplay copy with no commentary).

I asked,Do you have anything on your system with a release date?,He said there was nothing.The only you can do know really is to

just keep calling until further info becomes available to them in-store.

I thanked him for his contribution and the bit of info he gave.

I then moved to another game store where I know these guys much better.(They dont have a GR:fs display box yet-I explained the other store does).

I asked them when you get a pre order copy cover like this or of any other title who does it come from,He said

If the game cover has an official developer logo on it then it was sanctioned by the developer themselves,They will hire someone to print the covers for them OR they will print them themselves sometimes and send them out.

Thats all I could get,so I hope it helps or contributes in some way.

P.s.There was nothing in store or knowledge of a PC version.

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