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OK finally got Arma2 and OA.

What do I need to download to make it all it can be?

I want to be able to play the missions that Lightspeed has been making mostly and will hopefully get to the point to start playing some coop again in the future.

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@NightCrawler: there are LOTS of different ways you can go, and the different choice might make you love or hate the game, so just keep that in mind. We (AlphaSquad) us ACE2, plus a selection of community mods, and a collection of our own tweaks and adjustments. These are all focused on helping improve the experience, challenge, and fun associated with small unit ground unit play -- it is rare for us to use vehicles for more than transport and occasionally as support weapons. Info about our mods and servers can be found here.

As you will quickly discover the experience you have with this game is really dictated by what you play and who you play with. The game itself just outlines the basic mechanics and leaves the rest up to the player and mission designer/creator.

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If you want to just play OA without Ace2 we also have a server for that.

If you want to play Ace2 jumpin our TS and anyone can give the password (to server).

....we lock to keep out undesirables and to keep an older mature base of which any

GR.Net person fits.

Start with regular Domination you will get a lite version of BAF but it's much better with the full pack, then after you are feeling better at the game add Ace2.


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