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coop_mexbob_strongpoint is ready for Release.

This is a conversion of the GRAW1 mission 04 "Strong Point"

Map and Mission by GRIN

Conversion by Mexico Bob

This file contains 2 missions, a daytime and night time, as the original mission was a night mission.

There have been more AI added than the original had.


(at the present time I have not been able to plant c4 on the bunkers or the power station, so just killing all AI at the locations will complete the objective)

1. clear(destroy) bunker 1

2. clear(destroy) bunker 2

3. clear (destroy) the power station

4. take out the tank guarding the roadblock to the enemy base camp

5. take out the 2 panhards

6. take out 3 howitzers

7. extract

Total of 5 respawn points.

A total of 135+ tangos.

This is probably best played with fewer than 4 players or as a Lone Wolf since it is a remake of a SP campaign.

Names for your server:




Thanks to all the beta testers for thier help on this.

Thanks to JohnTC02 for all his help getting the lightmaps working and pointing out the not needed files in the conversion, whithout his help this mission would not have made it this far. :thumbsup:

Edited by JohnTC02
Updated Download Link
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Wahoo. Great map!

Some missions left, and GRAW1 is converted to GRAW2 ... cant wait for that. :whistle:

Do you have any new maps in line mate?

(EDIT): BTW its great that this is one of the first missons that have been converted and still is running without laggs. Just thanks! :thumbsup:

Regards Ares

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Eric, I tried but the GRAW 2 game engine does not like the save-game funchion of the GRAW 1 games. You can save the game, but when you reload it, it will play for about 5 seconds then crash to the desktop. No way around it. Sorry- I wanted it to be SP also.

The maps are just too big. John did make the map smaller by more than half which I released as a version 6 of the COOP map. THat did not fix the problem either.

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