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OF: Red River - EuroGamer Hands-On article

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EuroGamer have posted a Hands-On article


From this tiny glimpse, then, Red River's shaping up to be a brilliant game: a shooter which balances rewarding gunplay with a tactical thoughtfulness that simply wouldn't be possible with much in the way of obvious scripting. Authentic? I have no idea. Convincing? Absolutely.
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I cant seen how they can acheive the jump from crap ( OFP:DR ) to brilliant in one generation and with the same team. I mean DR was so bad I could only force myself to complete the first 3 missions. And Im a massive OFP fan.

I refuse to get excited about this until I see reviews, not previews. I was burnt once with all the developer produced hype last time, I'm alot more wary now. Remember how the AI was gona be ground breaking, how they would use a marine playbook for their tactics. What a pile that turned out to be. All we got was a broken mess of a game.

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Perhaps with the term 'more accessible' (their words) they mean you can actually choose your kit loadout before each mission. Are you listening CodeMasters? Looks like shotguns will finally make their debut in OFP along with leveling up with this iteration.

Still makes me laugh when the run 'n' gunners are like 'the guns in this game can't hit ######' then they hate on the game. How's that old saying go? Oh yeah, "a bad workman always blames his tools." - The reason why they (the player shooting NOT the guns themselves) can't hit ###### is because they been playing too much of these FPS's (that devs hype to the max and demand all gamers to purchase their product) that have way too accurate weapons with very incorrect ballistics. I thought it was common sense that gravity pulls stuff down, and bullets don't defy gravity - unless you're Ubisoft. Aim ABOVE distant targets. It's called 'bullet drop.' No, not 'drop it like it's hot bullet drop.' And while you're at it, lead fire on moving targets, bullets don't hit targets instantly. :turned::rolleyes:

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