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Eurogamer agrees: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2010-11-17-tom-clancy-s-ghost-recon-review

I hope somebody at Ubisoft pins the first paragraph of this review to the monitor of every person on the GR team:

Once the pinnacle of console military simulations, the Ghost Recon series' slide into soft-edged mediocrity has been inexorable and somewhat tragic. Ubisoft, in redefining the solemn squad-based franchise as a mainstream rollercoaster ride of set-pieces, may have succeeded in moving Ghost Recon closer to the tone and character of the more successful Call of Duty, but it's done so at the cost of its distinctive identity.
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Did you guys watch the video?

It remindes me of commando for nes in ways mixed with duck hunt.

Duck Hunt! Holy Cow. :rofl: What a shameful comparison especially for a Clancy game. Does ubi really want to earn money for this game? Or do they just want to go down in flames as really stupid game designers let along insane marketeers. Folks, this is sad. I wonder if ubi is trying to reach "kids" on the wii and hopes to make GRFS a "kids" game so as to cash in on children's gullibility before Christmas. So if it has that "duck hunt" feel, maybe kids will like it. Most likely not. Sounds to me like someone spent too much time in college and not enough time in the real world when it comes to marketing.

Duck hunt? O man (& I can't find a smily that's crying & laughing @ the same time)

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I just got the game for Christmas from my wife.... I thought.... SWEET!!! Then I started playing it.... It was fun for a few rounds, but after awhile, being locked to the rails started getting on my nerves. On level 5 as a recruit getting through the stealth level seems to be impossible. Did some searching and found this forum, looking for some insight. I cut my teeth on the original GR on my XBOX (its still fun by the way) This is nothing like I expected, I'm quite disappointed, although my kids like it, so all may not be lost. At some point someone will post a way through level 5 and they can "soldier" on

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