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OA DLC # 2: Private Military Company [NOW AVAILABLE to D/L]

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Arma2: Private Military Company

One year after events of A2:BAF Private military contractors shoulder the burden of the increased workload, with competition rising between the multinational organisations for lucrative security contracts. Private Military Company, ION, Inc. (formerly Black Element), successfully bid for a contract - codenamed Black Gauntlet - to provide security for a UN investigation team as they seek to piece together information regarding Takistan's abandoned nuclear weapons programme.

Main Features

* New Playable Content: Brand new story-oriented singleplayer campaign, unfolding across more than ten missions featuring full 2-player cooperative gameplay.

* New Faction: Private Military Company, featuring several highly experienced professionals with long and bloody histories.

* Extra Units and Vehicles: Exotic new weapons, including the automatic combat shotgun AA-12 and fully modelled XM8 in numerous variants.

* New Weapons: Attractive new vehicles, such as the Ka-60 'Kasatka', Armed Helicopter UAV and Armoured SUV.

* New Vehicles: Unique abandoned wasteland style military weapons test range environment, built upon brand new models and textures.

Available to pre-order on Sprocket Arma 2: Private Military Company at £ 7.68 / € 8.99 / $ 12.67

scheduled for release on 24th November (Your product will be activated upon release)

and a package deal for anyone who hasn't yet got BAF and is also interested in PMC


on Sprocket Arma2: PMC Preorder Bundle (PMC + BAF) for £ 11.52 / € 13.49 / $ 19.02

PMC is not yet listed on the STEAM store

Thank you for your Arma2: Private military company pre-order.

Your download will be enabled on 24th November 2010.

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Release postponed

Only by a week though.

Bohemia Interactive announces a new release date for its forthcoming expansion, Arma 2: Private Military Company - Tuesday 30th November 2010.

The revised release date enables ARMEX, the Multi-Player Armory, to be made available for Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead and British Armed Forces. ARMEX, a new, unique feature, was introduced last week in a developer's video update. The original Armory mode - an interactive library featuring all in-game models - was first introduced in Arma 2. Building upon this unique game mode, the Multiplayer Armory enables players to try out all weapons and every single vehicle model from Arma 2 in dynamically generated missions with up to eight friends online or over LAN!

"The new Multi-Player Armory feature is so exciting and promising, that we decided to implement it to Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead and British Armed Forces as well" said Marek Spanel, Bohemia´s CEO. He continued: "Unfortunately, implementation over two games - particularly where these are already released - is a difficult process, and requires extra care. The gameplay gets a new, fresh stimulation and we're sure it's worth it".

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:thumbsup: nice Dai-san

Bleah to the "delay", oh well as you say 2nd Ranger it's only a week more

I have to say personally I'm not even a little bit excited by a "Multi-player Armoury" :yawn:

given how simple it is to make a basic little MP "test-mission" using any or all items you want

Although I'm sure anyone who doesn't want to mess around in the editor will find it of some use

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Dear customer,

Thank you for pre-ordering Arma2: Private Military Company from Sprocketidea.com.

We are pleased to award you with priority access to download the expansion.

Please use this link:

[link removed]

Please note that to play A2:PMC, you will need to have Arma2:Operation Arrowhead patched to v1.56. Patch will be released today at 15:00 CET here:

[link removed]

Kind regards,


well there is only one possible emoticon that fits the bill here... Unleash the banana !


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Tried that but it didn't work, had to disable the Sonar protection.

Anyway I've played through the first three missions of the campaign and I like the atmosphere, particularly in Zargabad. The voice acting and dialogue are mediocre to terrible as usual, but there are some nice new cosmetic features that make the campaign stand out from the others. The first mission opens with a cutscene using the new video playback, and when you begin playing you are contacted by your team leader using a sort of video message displayed on your IPhone. I've actually just realised that's what it was, because when I played it, the video part was at the top of the screen while the phone was at the bottom, so something didn't go right there.

There has been alot of complaining going on in the BI forums though, mostly about BIS' decision to include the campaign for free in the 1.56 patch. I saw a few guys say that the units were poor quality*, and I dismissed this as the normal internet bitching until I saw them for myself and found them rather underwhelming. The 'hero' characters are all surprisingly bland looking, and the 'generic' PMC guys are just re-textures.

I had a brief look at the new map (I keep getting freezes after the 1.56 patch so I haven't managed to play for long), and it is quite impressive, very nicely detailed. The only problem is that it is 2x2 km, although i just checked out Shapur's area and it's about the same, and I never had a problem with that map so I guess BIS get a pass there.

These are only my initial impressions so maybe I'm being overly harsh, but what is clear is that this DLC is markedly inferior to the BAF pack, at least regarding the quality of the units. None of the UK forces addons released before or after the BAF pack have come close to touching those units' quality.

Also I can't believe they didn't put in a new XM8 sound. It is hands-down the worst weapon sound in the game. It sounds like a placeholder. I was hoping they had made a new one since the XM8 is the PMC's weapon of choice. Oh well.

*re-reading that, it makes it sound like I'm talking about the PMC 'lite' units, but I'm not.

Edited by 2nd Ranger
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yeh i wasnt so sure about the DLC stuff - i dont really want to keep spending money on pissy little updates but i am forced to even though i paid full price for the game and expansion pack already.

give me a real expansion and ill pay for it but the community is making way better maps, units, everything then this stuff.

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Well, you're not forced to buy anything, that's why they release the 'Lite' versions of the DLC packs.

And while I agree that the PMC units' quality is about on par with some community addons, the BAF pack was outstanding. Even the two contractor units released with BAF are of a vastly superior quality to the ones in this DLC. And as I said previously, none of the UK soldier or weapon addons released by the community are anywhere near as good looking as the BIS units in my opinion.

Also, the PMC campaign is very good, definitely my favourite so far. I've only really enjoyed this and Eagle Wing and they were both made by the same guy, so I hope he keeps doing them.

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