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HAWX 2 - an underwhelming PC release

Pave Low

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well the PC version has been out for 2 days now, with hardly a whisper let alone a fanfare that the console version got

and the forums are hardly jumping with posts from eager fans.... :tumbleweed:

as this Big Download article comments on

H.A.W.X. 2's PC port seems to be very much under the radar in terms of promotion from its publisher Ubisoft.

Today, however, the modern day flying action game sequel is finally available to purchase and download via Direct2Drive, Impulse and Ubisoft's own online store. The game comes in a regular edition for $49.95 or in a digital deluxe version for $54.95

The game comes over two months after the console ports were released. It also seems to be a download exclusive since brick-and-mortar retailers such as GameStop and Amazon.com don't seem to have boxed copies available.

The digital version does seem to be the lead, available from places like the Ubi online store, Direct2Drive and Impulse

and strangely Amazon.com only has the Wii, PS3 (& Xbox) boxed versions available, yet Amazon.co.uk does have the boxed PC DVD in stock and available (at £17.99)

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This is a new release?

HAWX TWO is yes, it only came out for PC on Friday, but as the article says, you would hardly have noticed, due to the lack of publicity

*The first HAWX game was released in March 2009

It's already heavily discounted on PC around here.

Most places in UK are selling the PC version of HAWX 2 for 40% off (68% off for the for Xbox 360 & PS3 versions)

although in the states Amazon don't even have the PC version listed, the Xbox 360 version is only 5% off and the PS3 version is only 18% off

as MeanMF said, the Xbox 360/PS3 versions only got 60-70% reviews so maybe Ubi are just cutting their losses and fire-and-forgetting the PC version onto the market so they can move on to other things

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