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TLS Balance Mod for BP Weapons Pack v6.0

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Download @ http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=1249

I've completed the first version of my balance mod for Brettzies' BP Weapons Pack v6.0 (big thanks to Brettzies for his comprehensive pack!). This is a set of XML files which balances the behavior of all of the BP weapons to match the original weapons. I've also added bullet penetration to all rifles in the game, except thinking about it now I probably forgot the XM8 and the SAW because I never use them :wacko:

While the weapon balance is based on the original weapons, each BP weapon is unique, with its own stats rather than being a clone of an original weapon. Some mods and even official weapons in GRAW2 seem to operate under the principle "every AR is identical to the SCAR" but I don't like having multiple weapons with identical stats - what's the point of having multiple weapons then?

So I tweaked the weapons relative to each other based on real-world characteristics such as weight, barrel length, and muzzle velocity. The differences aren't huge, so don't expect a different game, but they're enough to make it more interesting.

I don't think a picket fence or a few inches of concrete should completely stop a rifle round, but on the other hand penetration seems to always go through sandbags - if you don't want penetration, I've included alternate XML sets with no penetration for 5.56 and no penetration for anything but the M99.


*All weapons in BP Weapons Pack now behave consistently with original weapons, but

*Each new weapon has unique stats

*Customized the bar graphs in the Inventory to correspond to the actual performance of the guns

*Reduced power of 9mm weapons significantly. 9mm doesn't drop an armored target in one or two rounds, should take 3-10 now.

*Added bullet penetration to all rifles (except I might have forgot the XM8 and the SAW) - bullets will now penetrate moderately thick objects except metal. I tried to make 7.62 penetrate more than 5.56, but I'm not sure if it worked, and it's impossible to test with AI.

*Alternate packages for people who don't want penetration

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what exactly are you planning? are you trying to use 6.0 from Graw1 on Graw2?

No, I was asking if this worked for BP weapons pack v 3.02 for GRAW 2. It appears that BP Weapons Pack v 3.02 for GRAW 2 is the same thing as 6.0 for GRAW1, just made for GRAW 2.

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