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Mexbob Ready for Bear


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Ready for Bear is a modified version of Bogie's GRIN and BEAR it!

Ghost Mission:

1 Make your way to the Informant that will give you the location of all enemy assets

2 Destroy any and all military assets

3 Extract

Special Instructions:

GRIN and BEAR it! is a GRAW1 conversion based on Mission #6 “Ready for Bear” which

has been tested on Dedicated LAN, Dedicated Web and shared Client Server using

Rahnman's and standard weapons set.


1 All mines(frogs) removed

2 Blue friendly diamonds added

3 Red enemy diamonds added

4 1 havoc added

The minimap will display friendly icons, also the mission itself contains blue

friendly diamonds and red enemy diamonds.

NAME FOR YOUR SERVERS: coop_mexbob_ready_bear_v2


There are no changes from the beta.

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