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Rahnman's Weapons Mod V3


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Rahnman’s Weapons Mod v4

This version differs from the previous versions (v2 and v3) in that I have been able to incorporate Brettzie's L85A2 and Susat scope. I have also increased the number of kits, so there is a much greater variety of choices. Like v2 and v3, most of the primary weapons are available for use as secondary weapons. This means that if you want an M16 (with an ACOG, silencer, and GL) for a primary and an M99 for a secondary, you can have it. The possibilities are endless!

Here are the "NEW" weapon/ sight combinations (these are in addition to the regular weapons):


2) M416 ACOG, Reflex, Short Dot

3) SCAR's ACOG, Reflex, Short Dot, M96_Flashlight

4) G36 ACOG, Reflex

5) M1014 Shotgun Reflex, Aimpoint

6) MP5SD/A4 Reflex, M96_Flashlight


8) Mk18 Aimpoint, Eotech, ACOG, Silencer

9) Sig552 Aimpoint, Eotech, ACOG, Silencer, M96_Flashlight

10) Mk14 Aimpoint, Eotech, ACOG, Sniper Scope, Silencer

11) M16 Aimpoint, Eotech, ACOG, Silencer, GL

12) M4A1 Aimpoint, Eotech, ACOG, Silencer, GL

13) SAW Reflex, Aimpoint

14) M14 Aimpoint

15) L85A2 Susat, Silencer

Although this mod was primarily intended to be used for coop play it can also be used for Campaign and TvT play. A complete description and installation instructions are included in the "READ ME" file. Please do yourself a favor and read this file before installing the mod.

I would like say a huge “THANK YOU” to both Brettzie and SnowFella for allowing me to use their amazing work. I would also like to thank all the beta testers who contributed to the testing of this mod as well as to the discussions in the forums. They are:

The TAW (The Art of Warfare) “Maverick/Sabre Squads” – Goose, Reddog, SSwannabe, Zero, Cherry, Doc, MexicoBob, Pokey, Kuhl’Ka, Brildayr, GhostShadowCoral, BeerCrazy, and DirewolfFive, ABG Viper and the rest of his guys at “A Gaming Brotherhood”, JohnTC02, Anthony, Jody, =WBG=Ron, Light, kaapo (Klaus and Erika), and Chocko.




V4 release thread.

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Yes, I used the same stats for Brettzie's weapons so the accuracy is the same.

I can see from this post and from the ones you have been making regarding the weapon xml's that you prefer more realism in the way that the weapons actually perform. This has been an ongoing debate that I've had with others in the past. I will usually err on the side of "fun". If you can make things more realistic and still have players enjoy what you've done then I'm all for it. In my experience it usually has the opposite effect. To be fair though, there have been some things that I have tried that I definitely did not like that "grew" on me later. It will be interesting to see what changes you make to the performance of the weapons. Have you considered releasing your own "realism" mod when you get done?


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Lol! Unfortunately guys (and gals) I do not have the software to make new weapons. 3DSMax costs about $3500 :blink: so I have to make use of what is currently out there.

Brettzie is the only modder that I am aware of that has the tools to get new weapons into the game. You may want to ask him.



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First I want to thank Rahnman for his most awesome weapons mod.

I got bored of playing Rainbow Six Vegas 2 after 2 years of heavy play and decided to convince a few friends to install GRAW 2 so we could play some coop together. We installed a bunch of custom maps along with Rahnman's weapons mod and we've been having a blast - despite the rate of fire key crashes and other mysterious crashes.

My friends and I wanted to add a few of our own rifleman kits to the weapon mod, but when I added a few new kits and sent them the coop_template.xml file I that changed, they were then able to connect, but as soon as they were standing in the game, 1 by 1 they all crashed out. When each of us tried the changes in single player campaign, everything worked fine, it's just when we play together it doesn't seem to want to work.

So I wanted to ask how it would be possible to get it to work with the new added kits. Also, if it is possible to get it working, I wanted to know how to get certain rifles, like the M4A1 to start out in Full Auto instead of Single fire, since I would rather use the M4A1 in Full Auto and obviously switching the rate of fire often crashes the game. Most of the weapon Kits in your mod are fine, it's just my friends and I like to go LOUD for fun and almost every weapon we like to use has a suppressor attached. Also, I gave a few kits a g36_compact_sidearm with a flashlight to use in place of the pistol slot, which works great. I also added some flashlights to other guns as well.

My friends and I just like to play coop together, and we usually password the server. I am very much aware that any new modified kits we might add would not work on other servers. We just like to play alone and have a few beers together on Ventrilo and kills stuff, lol.

Anyway, I hope to hear back from you soon. My friends and I are dying to use the new kits we added. Thanks again


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