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Los Saltillo


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Los Saltillo v2 is now ready for the public.

There are only a few very minor changes to the release version, those that were mentioned on the last beta version have been changed.

Download Link, Screenshot is in the zip file:


Mission Author: JohnTC02

Map Author: JohnTC02

File Size: 5.1 Mb

Version: 2


Los Saltillo

This mission is dedicated to [F]Gator.

The hunt continues for the main HUMRAAM production facility, latest intel suggests that there is a HUMRAAM testing facility located at a remote location called Los Saltillo.

Your mission is to locate the testing facility and destroy all HUMRAAM's located there, the Rebels also have a working HUMRAAM at this location so this will need to be destroyed.

Before you can extract you need to secure the area, disable the security systems takeout the transmitter, secure the supplies and destroy any remaining heavy armour.

Your Mission:

1. Disable Security Systems

2. Destroy Transmitter

3. Destroy HUMRAAM

4. Takeout Supplies

5. Destroy Testing Facility

6. Destroy Howitzer

Map list for Dedicated Servers:



As usual I would like to thank all the alpha testers that helped to get the mission to it's beta stage, all beta testers are listed below.

This is another adaptive map, for full instructions on how to use the mission and the multiplayer switch take a look a my last few releases.

This mission is dedicated to [F]Gator, there is a tribute to him on the load screen plus some quotes around the map on some of the buildings and walls.

New Features:

I have found a way to convert almost any static prop so it can be used as a resupply unit, this will work in exactly the same way as the resupply mule, around the map you will see on some of the walls a text message saying "Supplies" I have also added some lighting there to help you spot it, I have used the "ships crate" as a supply unit so just walk up to it and press "x" as usual, unfortunately the usual bug remains so use it with caution.

The next thing I have added is 10 Bonus Objectives, it is not compulsory to complete these objectives to complete the mission, they are all hidden around the map and have no markers so you will need to hunt for them if you wish to complete them. they are just two barrels with a computer on top of them and a sign saying "Training Area".

What will happen here is you will get your score for the bonus objectives at the very end of the mission (when the map change screen appears), you will see an on screen message telling you how many of the 10 bonus objectives you have completed as a team, what you can do here is go back and find any that you missed before you blow the door at extraction if you wish to complete them all, I thought this might add something interesting to the mission.

Thanks goes to the beta testers:

JackDoe, Jody, Brettp, Rocky @ ghostrecon.net, daro48, BikerBob, kaapo and sightreader.


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