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GR:Island Thunder on Arma2/OA


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Hi folks

This will be my new project now that I have got some mission editing experience under my belt (6 coop missions so far in Arma2). I will be using a new user made map and characters, see here - http://www.legionofspartans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=7118&st=0&gopid=61842&#entry61842

the map is incredible and perfectly suits the recreation of this GR campaign.

i will post updates as i go - the map itself will be released in a couple of days and i will start scripting missions immediately - hopefully about one per fortnight or less. i can bang them out pretty quickly now to beta stage.


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i cant tell you anymore then this so dont ask - but i have been gifted a rare opportunity with Lingor Island and i have even done mission planning based on what i have had access to.

when i compare the ingame campaign of GRIT to what i am seeing now - and what i will be producing in what i am seeing - it will blow your mind!

and the fact that i can see all of what i am seeing above 30 and up to 50+ fps is mindblowing really.

this will be GRIT in your wildest dreams.

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whether you love SP or MP Coop for GR or never tried it b4 - this is modern day GR all over. even the SP allows you to set waypoint coordinates on the map and split groups into smaller units and then rejoin them with a couple of clicks of the button.

open objectives to complete in any order? it would not be GR without it - at least 3 objectives per mission and up to 5. replayability...every time!! random placed objectives, upsmon script, it's all there.

play area not big enuff in GR (max 400x400m) - well now the play area is up to 1000x1000m and all of it covered with random AI patrols - you will feel the adrenalin.

you will be a Ghost!

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The missions are nice, but i got one gripe

i think you're using some sort of ups script in them, right?

the patroll zones are visible in the briefing map......

you might want to add something like this to your init.sqf :

"ups1" setmarkeralpha 0;

"ups2" setmarkeralpha 0;

"ups3" setmarkeralpha 0;

"ups4" setmarkeralpha 0;

were ups1 to 4 is the marker names.

that way they won't show up in the briefing.

keep up the nice work



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no? atleast not in the version you're using.

You got those nice white lines ( circles and squares ) showing up on the map, that shows the zones.

It might be another thing though, but it looks wery mutch like ups markers to me ;)

still, nice missions

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ok my friends - just to let you know that this project is definitely not dead.

I have scripted the objectives and endings for nearly all of the missions now, and have been placing and testing AI positions on 4 missions so far.

Noraf - I have sorted that upszones issue now ;)

I am using the upsmon script but adjusting the radio comms distance and using a blend of fortify, nomove, nofollow, nowp, etc to ensure that the AI will behave like they did in GR and not all rush in to find you at first contact.

I am doing basic testing in SP using AI - not something I'm really good at but it still gives me the feel for how the missions run....and they are really good at present and definitely have a GR-feel to them.

I will shortly hand out some of the missions for beta-testing and plan to release the campaigns in SP and 7-man COOP - possibly with a 15-man COOP to follow to satisfy the larger groups of coop players.

I am also adding an extra mission to this campaign that still fits in nicely with the story line.

Stay tuned.

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