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co07 5 missions pack for OA

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Hi folks

Download link version 1.1 - http://www.filefront.com/17422078/GRmissionsArma2_6packpbos.rar

It's been a while since I released missions here but I have produced several missions now for coop dedicated servers which have been tested to varying degrees and seem to work well.

Here are 6 missions, all 7 man coop across Chernarus, Takistan, Zargabad and Shapur and are in the Ghost Recon vein of mission (GR was my addiction for years) - quite a lot of variation. It is vanilla OA/Arma2, I dint want to complicate things.

I have given the teams revive script with all men able to preform 2 revives except for medic who can do 10. Everyone has 2 respawns as well which are either at a designated position on map or at the leader if he deploys this mobile respawn unit.

The kits are preset so that all players have their primary responsibilities on the mission.

Read the briefs guys so you know what's going on - my biggest gripe when hosting lol. Players just want to blow ###### up and shoot stuff - there is a time and a place for that!

Not much else to say except I hope you enjoy them and plz report bugs if you find any but should all work at this stage.

Lightspeed from ghostrecon.net

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Got this bit when I tried the link.

The file link that you requested is not valid. Please contact link publisher or try to make a search.

Messed around with the OA demo lately. My order of Combined Operations should be here this week.

edit: I was able to d/l when I did a search at 2Shared for "5 missions"

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Hi folks

I've released a mission pack which contains 5 missions that I made for OA (Ghost Recon-style missions) - BIS thread.

There are a couple of rescue missions, some destroy/disable objectives, some with stealth some straight out firefights.

They have been tested several times and seem to work well - will be tested more in the future but I thought they were ready for some others to enjoy.

They are built to run on dedicated servers, JIP, with respawns/revive. All players get to revive downed mates twice except for medic who has 10 revives at his disposal. Each player has 2 respawns either at fixed point such as insertion or the squad leader may also deploy a mobile respawn tent so you can spawn on your leader.

All AI are working to upsmon script.

Download version 1.1 - http://www.filefront.com/17422078/GRmissionsArma2_6packpbos.rar

Updates -

- BAF removed, now only US Spec Forces.

- AI enabled - can disable prelaunch.

- spawn issue resolved.

- new mission added - remake of Castle Day from GR on Chernarus.

- file versioning updated to more logical format (user request)

- default lives = 2 , can be tweaked to 1, 3 or 5 through parameter screen.

Additional notes -

Norrins Revive - all players have 2 revives but Medic has 10 available.

Respawning - Squad Leader has a mobile respawn unit at his disposal which when deployed provides the addtional spawn closer to team, otherwise you respawn near insertion zone.

UPSMON script used and loved :-)

No ammoboxes at insertion - kits are preset so that your class selection matters - you may find enemy ammoboxes along the way which can be raided and of course enemy weapons can be picked up.



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