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Ghost Recon makes a brilliant return to the PSP

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Ubisoft stepped up their game with Ghost Recon Predator for the PSP. You command a 3 man team into Sri Lanka, taking out a group of terrorists, The People's Action front or Activists for short. I'm only halfway through the game so far, but this is what GRAW 2 PSP should've been. There's a leveling-up system, in-game achievements, and unlockable weapons and customising options for your soldiers camo and guns. The story so far is basic Ghost Recon fare, with your standard mil-shooter objectives: rescue civvvies, destroy enemy installations, eliminate the opposition, recover Intel, then reach your Extraction Point. The graphics are fairly decent; they didn't seem any better or worse than GRAW 2 IMO. The gun models are blocky as hell, but thats the only thing that stood out as an eyesore as I'm not too terribly concerned with graphics. While the AI isnt particularly bright, they do try to flank your positions and run for cover. Which will bring me to the games' very few faults: the targeting system. I'm playing on Normal and with no lock-on/auto-aim now so this might change on Difficult, but the enemies take an impossible amount of hits before they do fall. It reminds me of the NDS version of Call of Duty 2 Modern Warfare. As far as I know so far--judging by the in-game achievements--there are 12 levels in the game, a step down from GRAW 2 PSP's 22. The levels are fairly huge, with trees and rocks and fallen logs to use as cover in teh jungle sections, while barriers and vehicles and barrels with shield you from buillets i the urban levels. Becuase of the level's sizes the game employs Transition Points where the game will pause and load up the next part of the level. Its not as bad as it may sound and it works well I think. They say that imitation is the best form of flattery, and that just may be the case with GR:Pred. It resembles past SOCOM FTB games a lot, but actually does some things better. I like the fact that you can choose your squad (a Scout, a Marksman, a CQC Specialist, and an Autorifleman) and then switch between them in-game--that was a feature I kept hoping for in the FTB series. Even though I'm only halfway through the game, this is shaping up to be better than GRAW 2, and almost right up there with the MOH Heroes/FTB series as PSPs best shooters.

Pros: Almost everything was done right by Ubisoft this time. Some said that the controls were a bit convoluted, but its no more confiusing that what GRAW control scheme was like. I think I'll be replaying this game until the next Ghost Recon game is released on the PSP 2, although its still a shame we couldn't get a PSP version of Future Soldier along with this one. Woulda been sweet.

Cons: Blocky guns (which isnt that bad of a con) Almost no extra gameplay features other than a co-op Multiplayer mode and Quick Missions, which are nothing more than the story levels.

Final Thoughts: I would've loved to have seen a return of Firefight, Defend, and/or Recon Modes from GRAW 2. Or even some Dynamic Instant Action missions a la FTB 2, where you play as a trio of Mr Hisan's Mampuri Guard soldiers still mopping up remnants of The Activists. They could've gotten creative with that just by recycling the story maps and tasking you with assassinating high-ranking Activist officials, defending villages, stopping Activists convoys, destroying said convoys, eliminating enemy presense at certain villages, etc. The list could go on. Anyway maybe we'll get something like that out of the next installment, Ghost Recon: Force Majeure * This is a game that just screams for DLC, but I know Ubisoft wont do it.

* My own fictional title :)

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I was looking at this video review for GR Predator on the PSP.

Its a good enough review,but one thing that really drew my attention was,when he starts the

gameplay after about 4 mins after showing the inital game features,

He sends his little RC on its way,but what caught me by surprise was the fact that this guy

could go Prone.

Now we have asked about it for GRFS but never heard anything back,we only ever hear or see

a cover system being used.Now if they can do it on the psp they sure can do it in the full title.

And if its in the full title,then its an added bonus.Stand,cover,prone,sounds good,last thing I want to do

is play another game that uses only a cover system.

Interesting tough.



Ps when you want to showcase a youtube video here on Gr.Net what codes are you using,is it the embedded one from the source?


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From the help files:

If your account has the required permissions, you can embed Youtube videos right into your post.

Help Topic: Embedding Youtube Videos

Members of Supporter class or above can embedd Youtube videos right into their posts using the following code. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=*******.swf[ /flash] Where ******* is the Youtube reference for the video.

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