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what settings can i get with my system


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before i start i just want to say i asked this on yahoo and some guy answers, and is really cynical about it and gives be useles upgrade suggestions so please dont do that, i trust you wont but just to get the point across, i do appreciate help, but only in the specified feilds, and at the right time.

anyway enough of my whining.

these are the games:

GRAW1&2 (of course)

frontlines fuel of war (if i can find disk 2)


gears of war.

and these are the system specs

2gb RAM (soon to be 3gb so long as i can find a stick cheap enough)

amd phenom iiX2 black ed 3.1 gz

160gb HDD

and the thing that guy was cynical about, my graphic card: ati radeon HD 4550 512 mb. (5670 will go in as soon as i can get its PSU)

is it honestly that bad? is it better than the nvidia geforce 8400 i used to have? wich broke 6 months after buying the damn thing, mind you i blame eric, he dropped it.

so there you go what framerate can i get on at least medium on some i'll settle for low on AVP and GOW, so long as it's playable.

i came to you guys with this because i know you guys listen to me and give RELEVANT info. have fun :thumbsup:

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