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Cryesight modding


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Hey guys,

I was messing around with the game scripts and then, the question came to me: Could I make th Cryesight work for the m416, SCARs and the RX4?? (Good idea right? The game doesn't think so...).

I tried and tried but coudn't make the damn thing work! Now I know that there are a bunch of good mods out there, most of them from this forum, but I wanted to make one for myself, you know?

So, if any of you can help me... Thanks anyway, just being here is great already.

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Welcome to the forums.

The best modders to help you out here is either Rahnman or Brettzies, they have both made some good weapon mods.

If they don't answer you here maybe you could try sending them a PM.

Hope this helps,


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Hello IRSN,

Do you mean something like this? (EOTech on HK 416)

- Screen shot 1

- Screen shot 2

- Screen shot 3

I made this few months ago, when I was still playing and having fun with GRAW2. The only bad thing with this is that the center cross in EOTech is not the center point of firing line (see below on screen shot's what I mean)

- Screen shot 4

- Screen shot 5

Unfortunately I can't find config files for this... :o

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Many times you can get a sight to work on another gun, but like Winters said, the aiming node may not line up because it is set for the gun it was sighted in for. This means that if you use the mrc sight on the M416, it will not be accurate.

Trying to make your own weapon sights requires a program called 3dsmax7, which costs around $3,500. :blink:

I've found the best solution is to keep the weapon sight the same but change the reticle (red, holographic image) to something else. It is rather easy to keep the aimpoint sight on the m416 and change the red dot to be the same as the eotech sight that goes with the mrc.

I did this in my weapons mod. I put the eotech reticle on the Rx4 sight. Here is link to a forum discussion that explains how to do it.


Hope this helps,


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