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MoH: Medal of Honor - 4 day Open MP BETA 4th - 7th October


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EA has organised a last minute PC open beta for Medal of Honor to "clear up any misunderstanding" about the Afghanistan setting of the modern war game.

Just last week, EA beat off accusations about manipulating a topic - a very sensitive one - to shift games. Executive producer Greg Goodrich explained that MOH was "not about the Taliban or Al-Qaeda" but about honoring the soldiers that fought them. Even Call of Duty: Black Ops developer Treyarch jumped to its rival series' defence.

Doors will open to the Medal of Honor PC beta on 4th October, and close again on 7th October (middle-of-the-night 8th October here in Europe).

"We hope that by offering the multiplayer open beta, we can clear up any misunderstanding about the patriotism and respect that are the foundation of this game," commented EA Games boss Frank Gibeau. "The Medal of Honor franchise has always shown extraordinary reverence for American and Allied soldiers - this game is no exception."

The PC MOH beta contains two maps: Kunar Base, a Selector Control map, and Shahikot Mountains, a Combat Mission map. Both are scenarios for two teams of 12 players.

Medal of Honor will be released for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on 15th October.


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4-day MP open BETA Downloads are now available:

On October 4, 2010 the Open Beta for Medal of Honor (PC) will commence. For three days you can get a preview of this game.

To make sure you won't miss a minute of game time you can download the Open Beta Client now. It will automatically activate on October 4, 2010.













Start Date: October 4 | End Date: October 7, 11:59 PDT

Grab your MREs and prepare to spend four days playing two new maps and modes for the multiplayer version of Medal of Honor.

Anyone can download and play. All that is required is an EA Account when you launch the game and to accept the beta agreement.

Recommended System Requirements

Operating System: Windows Vista (SP2),

Windows 7.

Processor: QuadCore 2.0Ghz.

Memory: 2GB RAM+.

Video Card: A video card with 512MB of VRAM and one of the following chipsets: NVIDIA GeForce GTX260; ATI Raedeon 4870.

HDD Space: 2GB.

Soundcard: Soundcard with DirectX 10 compatibility. DirectX: DirectX 10.

Disc Drive: 16X CD/DVD Drive.

Some Tips

If you already have the Medal of Honor Closed Beta game client (from this past June's Beta) installed on your machine, then uninstall that before installing the Open Beta game client.

In order to see pings in the server browser, you need to run the program as Administrator.

MAP: Shahikot Mountains


A helicopter has crashed somewhere in the Shahikot mountains. These snow covered mountain peaks, called The Valley of the Kings in the local tongue, has been a rebel hiding place since ancient times.

Python 1 is inserted to investigate and look for survivors in these eerie surroundings. As they embark from their helicopter they hear the first crackling sound of a sniper rifle roll between the steep mountain sides.

Objectives on Shahikot Mountains:

* Neutralize chopper wreck.

* Neutralize ammo depot.

* Assault stronghold.

* Destroy mortar station.

* Neutralize anti-aircraft gun.

Tactics on Shahikot Mountains:


Take control of the high points and make sure to cover your advance with smoke grenades.

There will be many OPFOR snipers waiting to take you out so laying suppressing fire while advancing is a must.

The key to break through the chokepoints are smoke grenades with consistent rushing from cover to cover while taking out any snipers in the hills.


* The coalition will try to come from all directions to get an advantage, make sure to find a good spot where you can see them first to take them out.

* Rushing the coalition forces is not recommended since they will come in groups and can spawn near friendly units.

* Take advantage of the choke points on the level to create a barrier that the coalition need to break through.

MAP: Kunar Base


The sector designated N2KL along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border is teeming with violent activity. A coalition forward operating base comes under attack as OPFOR mount an aggressive assault.

The remote hill top is slowly covered in smoke from constant artillery strikes as soldiers huddle in the maze like trenches.

# Tactics on Sector Control: In sector control you need to control at least 2 of the 3 sectors to take control of the map so this is your first objective.

# When you have secured a sector try to cover it from a distance instead of standing at it where you can be struck with grenades or a mortar strike!

# Make sure to take advantage of the few high points that exist on this level such as the towers and roof tops.

# Sneaking through the barracks while clearing the rooms with a hand grenade is a great way to get around and ambush the enemy forces.


Combat Mission is an objective based game mode for online multiplayer where Coalition forces must clear five consecutive objectives while OPFOR must stop them from progressing.

Sector Control is a domination type game mode where players fight to secure and hold objective points, contributing to the final score of the match.



* Rifleman (AK-47/PKM)

* Sniper (SVD/SV-98)

* Special Ops (AKS74U)


* Rifleman (M16/M249)

* Sniper (M21/M24)

* Special Ops (M4A1)

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Don't worry too much about not being able to login, I thought I would take a look at this since I haven't played a MOH game since the original versions came out, you won't be surprised to know that all I was able to find out is that whenever you spawn there will be some mentally challenged troll from the opposite team waiting for you to appear so that he can shoot you, over and over and over again.

Now I remember why I don't play on public servers, if I can find a decent server I may try it again, but I doubt it. :wall:

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Has anyone tried the beta yet? Our clan is dissappointed in general (although i haven't tried it myself.

It feels to kiddish and has very little recoil on weapons. We may be skipping this one.

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