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amd 3500, gforce 6800gt work for GRAW?


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I'm affraid not. I started playing graw with an AMD X2 3800 2 gig ddr 533 (?) and an geforce 6600 GT didn't work. First I updated the graphics card to an 7600 GT and then it became playeable, but only just..... After I upgraded to a core 2 duo 6300, 2 gig ddr 667 and a geforce 8800 GTS 320 mb OC it became playable Also having a soundblaster x-fi music helps much (any sounblaster x-fi exept the audioo will do)

GRAW is very hard on your system and with the quality sound (still haven't found a game were I can hear the enemy's position better) its good to have a better system (up to certain heights off course when GRAW came out you needed top notch to be able to play, now most standart systems with a slightly better graphics card should be sufficient.)

I know this is not wat you wanted to hear, but better a good system and an addiction to graw than a bad systemand a great deception....;-)

[edit] typo's monday mornin....

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thanks, much appreciated. i'd hate to buy a game that won't work. i don't need super duper high settings, but can't be the bottom either. Runnin out of FPS to play on this old girl.

Yeah I understand.... well there's always ghost recon, and ehhrm ghost recon, or ghost recon.....

Still love that game, I'm sure we'll play a lot of it on the lan I organise next year for my clan...

Most currently popular games are no good for a lan anyway, most need a dedi server that can only be rent over internet, and 24 peeps on a wifi connection, nahh wont do....

I'll take my old betsy to the lan too, if GR is the game she'll coop just fine.....

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