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:lol: I have an update for Rockall soon, with new missions, I just might take that on board. :thumbsup:


Straight from the briefing my friend:

Locate Captain Sparrow and capture him. Take him to the communication trailer and have him contact Colonel Price for a meeting. Expect Price to arrive heavily guarded.

Good luck with that...

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my God is the little one, but I like the mod

The Rockall map was based on the land mass under the sea that the rock jutts up from. 

I remember you drew the outline of Rockall used in the mod.

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Have just downloaded the mod and love it - but when i have finished mission 1 there's no heroes and in the credits it's says that somebody have maked specialists characters? I have check the campaign.xml but there was no heroes?

Can you please help me?


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@ Wombat

Correct sir

"Enemy actors by Tinker using: WytchDokta's camo pack 3

Civilian actors by wombat50

Specialist characters by Phlookian

Ghost extras by wombat50"

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No heros in Rockall. Only team play. :)

I did reward the players with more advanced AI as they progressed through the campaign though. :turned:

Specialist characters by Phlookian

Ghost extras by wombat50

All the characters that Wombat and Phlookian provided, were made available from the start. Pls keep in mind that I am a Coop only person with this game, so this gave Coop players 10 characters to choose from instead of the default 4.

By the looks of it, I would need to add rifleman/demo/supp/sniper folders to the actor folder, and overwright all the original files with my own, but I think this would still cause duplicate appearences of my 10 actors in SP. Will look into this more. Have been hanging onto a new full campaign for this mod for a while now, will try it out SP and see what the deal is, with the actors you can choose.

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Long time no post. :hmm:

Fixed a load of little issues with the original missions, and changed around some paths to give new variety.

All the main coop C missions now have an alternative C-L light version for 3 to 4 players.

Added new environments and relit with lighting tool to most maps.

Converted some missions to 27 player availability. (More than 9 is handy sometimes)

Have 7 new missions that will work for coop/sp.

Nothing more here. On the off chance anyone has an issue with Rockall in the next few weeks, pls post.

1: Plaza - Donut trolley is ######

2: Base - Ground under guard posts need the main ground texture

3: Comms - Colisions along rock NW around guard post

4: Floating foliage, pls give a grid reference


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RK (M) 17 Barracks Day Respawning players get stuck in the map geometry at the respawn zone.

Zone Insert 01 is a guaranteed glitch when respawning . One of the other three will glitch but can't remember which.

I moved the insert zones away from the bitter edge of the playable map and this seemed to fix it.

RK©_09 barracks.mis may suffer from this as well.

RK(m) 11 Airport Night Destroy all armor objective can't be completed.

Vehicle apc 02 does not come on the playable area. Turned it where it faces 8 o'clock in Igor

and it came on the map. Thought this would fix it.

Destroyed all four armor units but does not register objective complete.

Played these several times with NH's and this is always the outcome.

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Both should now be sorted for all versions, thnx Wombat.

We had a different issue with the barracks map and the random insert zones. The player with the fastest connection was never teleported with the team, but left alone, dropped to ground, and also had both legs broken! Moving the zones fixed that.

Just adding more random plans now and changing few things around.

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Thanks Tinker. Having a look now.


Relit maps are very nice. Rapelling onto the new campaign missions is neat also.

The patches listed in the notes, Patches 1.002 through 1.008 are all new?

Was running the 1.001 until today. Just wanting to make sure I hadn't missed some patches along the way.

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