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Issue commands to individual team members (?)


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How can I issue commands to individual team members, instead to all four members simultaneously.

I have read in a game guide (can’t name the source right now), that this is possible, but I haven’t found out yet how it is possible (except for the “attack” command on enemies far away. They will automatically attacked by a sniper, if one is in the team). Particularly it should also be possible to issue a team member the command to follow another team member

I hope someone can help me

Further, I have read here:

On the consoles, the give command function also relocates your squad. Unless you are sure you have a target, don't go crazy designating targets for attack, or you might accidentally miss a target and move your team in front of an enemy tank.

This addresses a problem, I have already encountered. But what is the deal with this “give” command (sorry, English is not my mother language).

Thanks in advance for any replies and hints!

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