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"connection failure" errors [GameSpy Datacenter Move]

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“Connection Failure” GRAW2 3/09/2010 4:50:31 PM (EST)

I am happy to report the issue seems to be fixed as far as the gravediggers servers are concerned.

I would like to thank Harry Vansickle Associate Manager – Digital Distribution for his quick response to my customer support ticket. 2833-8431761

Regards to all who posted

... struth


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Well never thought I'd be reposting the same post after a few months. For a while there I wasn't getting "punted" no matter what server/host I was on after intital post, and all those great replies but now it's right back to the same stupid issue. Being dropped. Its gets a little frustrating having to continue to rejoin someones host four or five times in one session.

Hey GAMESPY...fix your stuff will ya, I wanna play this game for longer then two minutes at a time please!

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could be the router or it could be the host computer not being powerful enuff to support alot of players

i know my computer cant handle more than 3 players

and most on mine get lag or lose connection when there is tanks and helis in the map b/c computer doesnt have enuff resources to support the load and the players

get with the players u play with and find who has the best computer and use them to host and try that or pool money together and rent a server to play on

but if its a constant dedi server then it needs to be reset accordin to what gayspy told me

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