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"connection failure" errors [GameSpy Datacenter Move]

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Been trying to find any information dealing with randomly being dropped from a server after joining. I can join the game and anywhere from five minutes to ten minutes the server justs drops me. I'm pretty sure I'm not being kicked by someone since it happens on a friends host as well. I can rejoin with no problems. I get a message box that just states something about not being able to connect to server.

I also notice that others have this happen to them on servers I've been on. They just all of a sudden drop and then rejoin a few minutes later.

Please, what is this and is there any way to fix it?

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We are currently experiencing this same issue with the gravediggers (gddu.net) servers.

The gravediggers servers were running but not visible on “game spy” when I logged in on the 27th of August.

After a restart all our servers can be seen on “game spy” but we get disconnected regularly. :wall:

All our GRAW2 players say this is happening on all the TDM servers showing on “game spy” not just our own.

Thanks for posting this issue: Charger451, Rahnman, we need this feedback from players like you guys to keep this game online.


Network admin


gravediggers servers


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hey there, not long picked up Graw 2 to coop with my mates, all was well til a few days ago..

Ive started getting frequent "connection failure" errors and network timeouts. This has just started out of the blue, i havent changed anything on my system/network and ive been trawling the net looking for answers to no avail.

as far as i can gather, these dropouts are random, it doesnt matter if i play via gamespy, hamachi or host and play a map on my own( not campaign, will test that shortly).

My ports are open. I have tried with and without Xfire running, also with/without Avast running.

strange thing is, it was running perfectly until 2 days ago!

running and x2 athlon 6000+, 3GB ddr2, 2 nvidia 8800GT ( non sli, 1 for physx).

running Windows 7 ultimate

drivers up to date, and graw patched to 1.05

Graw was a digital download from game if that makes any diff.

only mods i have are some maps for coop play, so nothing game changing i dont think.

ISP is Virgin cable 10Mb line, WGR614v9 netgear router via Wifi.

tried with windows firewall on and off no difference.

I appreciate any insights you guys might have

Thanks in advance

p.s. I have trawled the forums here too and havent found anything similar other than console connection issues which havent helped. sorry if i missed something ;)

p.p.s. I should mention that i have no issues finding/joining games.. i just get booted out frequently

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GameSpy Datacenter Move Wednesday, August 25, 2010 22:00 PDT


After many months of hard work the GameSpy team is happy to announce our move to the new data center is finally upon us, which will eventually provide a host of benefits we've been alluding to in newsletters.

We expect to begin the switch over process during our normal maintenance window on Wednesday, August 25, 2010 at 22:00 (10:00PM) Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

The data center move will result in the outage of all GameSpy Tech services for a period of time.

We expect this outage will last approximately Six (6) hours during which time all games on the GameSpy Service that have properly implemented the availability check will receive a “Service Temporarily Unavailable” response.

We will provide updates and notifications on our progress as conditions merit via our usual system status communication channels: http://twitter.com/gamespystatus ; http://www.tumblr.com/login?redirect_to=%2Ftumblelog%2Fgamespystatusand via email (announcing the commencement of the move and its completion).

NOTE: Dedicated game servers utilizing GameSpy matchmaking will require a reboot in order to propagate the new DNS once the data center migration is complete. Should your dedicated game servers be managed by your game community, please be sure to notify them prior to Wednesday, August 25, 2010 22:00 (10:00PM) PDT. The reboot should occur after you have been notified we have completed the move.

Important Details

Services Impacted: ALL GameSpy Tech Services (including any custom services developed in support of Professional Services Engagements)

Date of Switch Over: Wednesday, August 25, 2010 22:00 PDT - Thursday, August 26, 2010 04:00 PDT Check your local time here

Expected Duration: Approximately 6 hours

Contacts: Please contact your Account Manager or devrelations with any questions or concerns.

Thank you in advance for your patience and assistance in this move.


The GameSpy Technology Team

Lot of reports from all gamespy servers having connection and randomly dropping errors at present still, for all games using gamespy.

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I posted a message pertaining to this problem on the Game Spy forum today, there was one other message there about this problem. Maybe it will take more people to post on Game Spy forum to solve this!


GameSpy Forums » GameSpy.com Forums » PC Gaming


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bad thing is i went to gayspy's twitter page it says

GameSpy Tech: Data Center Move Complete

GameSpy Technology (and IGN as a whole) has completed its move to a brand spanking new data center / hosting facility. All services for games powered by GameSpy Technology should now be restored. That sound you hear is the popping of champagne corks by some jubilant but admittedly tired engineers.

We appreciate your patience during the move, and hope you enjoy the improved performance of our services in our new facility. Should you encounter any lingering issues with games that you suspect may be the result of the move, please contact your GameSpy Technology account manager, or reach out through our developer support channels.

we've tried rebootin the server restartin the server no luck even in the lobby u can still get connection failure WTH

it doesnt say how to reach the dev supposrt or my manager :(

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progress is a good thing. Thanks to gamespy my game doesnt crash anymore, I cant stay connected long enough for that to happen. Whatever technical problem gamespy is having, they will eventually sort it out.....

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Thanks for the replies.

I'm still getting the drops, no matter if I host or join. Connection failure-connection to the server has timed out. My friend host and he gets dropped, if he doesn't then I do. He has to restart the game several times.

I use Gamespy for FlighSim X and the only real problems I have with that is when logging in, it tends to drop you several times during that process then once the game starts it runs fine.

I really think this is an important issue since it does interfere with the proper function of the game play. Ubisoft is allowing Gamespy to act as the server for the game so I think Ubisoft needs to address Gamespy for a solution, not the players.

If Gamespy moving to a new data center was suppose to be the solution to the problem, it didn't fix anything that I can see. I have my hopes up. This is a great game but haven't been able to play it long enough to get any real enjoyment out of it.

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i have found a temp fix for this problem if u are in a game

we will all have to do this until the problem is solved

if in a game and u get the connection failure error DO NOT PRESS RESTART

either wait till an enemy kills u or have a friend shoot u or the admin of the server admin kill u

once the respawn time has ended u will come back into the game it seems for now this is the only way to continue without restarting a game :(

hopes this helps some people


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I have been getting a very abbreviated list of servers since this datacentre move happened. One server I use is Barking Spider and on viewing their site it says it is up but there has been no sign of it in the server listing for the last few days. I sincerely hope Gamespy is addressing this issue.

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I just posted a message on gamespy forum about the problem. Let's see if the problem can be fixed. It's darn frustrating getting kicked all the time. We need people to go to the gamespy forum and put in their comments.

Hi struth,

Sorry I didn't see your post on the gamespy forum. If I did, I would have responded to your post.

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Zero has discovered a way to stay in game even if you get the "disconnection" message. If you don't try and get out of the screen or the game, and if a player or AI kills you, you will actually respawn and can continue play. Wierd! So if you are playing with others and are on coms, tell them to kill you when you get the connection error. Then wait a few seconds and you should respawn. If you are playing by yourself, wait for a bit and maybe an AI will kill you and then you can respawn. Give it a try.


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I just posted a message on gamespy forum about the problem. Let's see if the problem can be fixed. It's darn frustrating getting kicked all the time. We need people to go to the gamespy forum and put in their comments.

Hi struth,

Sorry I didn't see your post on the gamespy forum. If I did, I would have responded to your post.

All good toaster02, we need to get as many people as we can to post this GRAW2 issue on the gamespy website HERE

I have started a post at gddu.net with the TAW_Zero work around, thx Zero for the heads up.

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just a quick update finally got thru to gayspy by way of their facebook page late monday and they sent me a message early today that they hope the problem is fixed now..

played last night with no failures so im gonna keep my fingers crossed :)

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