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Gay Protest Signs

Dick Splash

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I'm torn on the whole issue, personally. On the one hand, my mom is a lesbian, and I love her partner (Mom 2.0, is what I call her) dearly; she's like a mom to me, too. It's good to see them happy. They're my family, and rejecting them on a religious basis would be hypocritical; if God did give Jesus Christ for my sins, then how can I turn around and consider others too sinful for myself? From a religious point of view, the Bible does condemn homosexuality. Some people want to argue that point, but they are wrong. BUT, the Bible also condemns gossip, backbiting, slander, lying, stealing, covetousness, idolatry, greed, slander, adultery, coarse language, and tearing each other down. I don't know of any Christian groups protesting any of those things on a regular basis; those are all things that I saw on a weekly basis from congregation members when I was in the ministry. So it makes me sick to see Christians protesting gays like that, because it's quite hypocritical. It's like the story in the Bible where the woman was caught in adultery and brought to Jesus. He told the crowd gathered, "Let he among you who has never sinned, cast the first stone." That is, in effect, what these Christians are doing: They're casting stones. People who regularly lie, gossip, slander, backbite, and tear others down, have the nerve to turn and call other people sinners. Funny, that in the story of the woman caught in adultery, the only person who had the right to cast stones, is also the only person who had absolutely no inkling to do so. Maybe if more Christians had Christ's attitude, then more people would listen, rather than laugh.

So, in short, the video is funny, but then again, it really isn't.

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Parabellum, if you read the parts were is told that gay people are wrong, you should know in what tima and circumstanses those letters/parts are written.

Its not about gay being wrong, but about the way people handled sexuality (free morale kids being abused, marriage being less important and people that didn't look attractive anymore being dumped...... rougly said.) A jew wisdom says there are 7 ways to explain the wholy scripts but don't rule out the eighth.... Cristians have a tendancy to take the bible to literal and forget the true wisdom/meanings beneith.....

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