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OA DLC # 1: British Armed Forces - Now available to D/L

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as you know BAF will only be available for digital download Via Sprocket + STEAM (others TBA)

Well I've just preordered it through sprocket (was simple & painless), for anyone else planning to buy this, here are the relevant ordering page links:

Sprocket (IDEA Games) £ 7.68 GBP

STEAM Store page (not currently available to preorder yet)

    NOTE: the STEAM version of BAF is only for those with the STEAM version of ARMA II: Operation Arrowhead

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Anyone know if it is compatable with just Arma2, or is it only for OA?

It does confirm that on the order page.

It can not be played separately and does require the original Arma 2 : Operation Arrowhead (or Combined Operations) in order to be played.

You must have Operation Arrowhead Expansion for this DLC to work.

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In from work....downloading............installing......off to enjoy :yay:

The STEAM version is still not available to order (so much for pre-orders)

This game will unlock in approximately 7 hours

All new BAF users - Please see the other thread about a new patch you will need to get separately

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You need to patch BEFORE or BAF will not work

Nope, that's Incorrect

I installed BAF ok, then found out about the patch and patched ok - my game is working fine.

and BIS have confirmed it doesn’t matter which way round it's done

Does it matter if I've installed the BAF pack before the patch, will the patch "overwrite" my units with the included low texture ones?

No, it does not matter at all.

Marek Spanel - BI CEO

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Had no troubles patching to 1.54 then purchasing & DLing BAF from Steam.

The BAF units and kit are a nice addition and the patch up to 1.54 really does add a large number of significant improvements (arty comp, improved multi-player UI, etc.). Then add in the "quick weapon switch" feature from the latest ACE 2 release and things are looking very good.

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Just got it, love it. Well worth the $10. I love how they outfitted the untis for every map, camo wise. BIS did a really good job with this.

I hope they have more planned for the future.

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It's a lovely addition to Arma but they should have paid more attention to detail, I can still understand the "Jocks" on the radio and we all know that never happens.. :lol::hmm:

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