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From DailyMirror.lk

Fighting the LTTE is not over although the war is over in Sri Lank. French gaming company Ubisoft is introducing a new video game titled 'Ghost Recon Predator'. In this game an elite squad is on the hunt for terrorists in Sri Lanka.

The video trailer of the game, shows the players in the jungles of Sri Lanka going behind the LTTE with messages appearing on the top of the screen saying that the US troops are after the terrorists "who think nothing, of hiding among innocent civilians, of using people as a shield for their illegal and immoral campaign".

The LTTE was defeated by the security forces last year and one of the allegations raised by the Government and human rights groups was that the LTTE had used civilians as human shields during the war.

From my mailbox....

New Ghost Recon Game Promoting Genocide in Sri Lanka:

The upcoming Ghost Recon Predator for PSP and Wii is set to hit shelves around November of 2010. This third person shooter game by war novel guru Tom Clancy is created by Ubisoft Red Storm Entertainment. It has had successful previous releases of Ghost Recons taking place in various parts of the world from desert terrain, to jungles, and urban war zones.

However, even before hitting the shelves, Ghost Recon Predator is beginning to hit a wrong note here. What comes a shocker is that one of the countries in the game takes place in Sri Lanka. This is a country accused of alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity from rights groups such as Amnesty International, Doctors Without Borders, and Human Rights Watch. The controversy about the game is that it promotes genocide of a particular ethnic group under the guise of fighting terrorism.

Violent conflict between the government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) of the majority ethnic Sinhalese, and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) fighting for an independent homeland for the ethnic Tamils northeast of the island, has plagued the island for over three decades. This conflict is no different than those of Burma, Sudan, and Kosovo, all of which have experienced gross human rights violations from torture and rapes, to extrajudicial killings and kidnappings.

Since 1983, hundreds of thousands of Tamils have fled persecution by the hands of the Sri Lankan government and settled in various countries throughout Europe, Canada, and Australia. Many still have loved ones back in Sri Lanka who are currently undergoing hardships and abuses on a daily basis by government forces. Just this year, the United Nations decided to set up a panel to launch an investigation into war crimes after protests by human rights groups and the Tamil Diaspora globally.

Having Sri Lanka as part of this game with the intent to kill Tamil people is no different than making a game about killing ethnic Kosovans as a Serb player or killing ethnic Kurds in former Saddam Hussein's Iraq. This is one game that would make me feel uncomfortable seeing people play in stores knowing that they are killing my people in a form of a game. Lastly, having Sri Lanka in the upcoming Ghost Recon Predator will not only promote racial intolerance towards one ethnic group, but also tells people that it genocide is okay. It further tells us that Ubisoft Re Storm Entertainment supports genocide. There is nothing entertaining or cool about genocide.

LTTE at wikipedia

Nothing new here for Ghost Recon. Remember these?

GRAW2 Banned in Mexico

The governor of Chihuahua (the town, not the dog) has banned "GRAW2" from being sold and has ordered all copies confiscated. This comes on the heels of the mayor of Juarez, a city on the Mexican border of the U.S., blasting the game for instilling poor values and portraying his townspeople as violent.

South Korea bans Ghost Recon 2

Citing a plotline that goes "way too far," South Korea's Media Rating Board has rejected approval of Ubisoft's Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2, according to American military newspaper Stars and Stripes. This (obviously) forced the game's Korean publisher to abandon its plans for a localization of the squad-based shooter.

Contributing to this thread? RULES REMINDER Keep discussion focussed on the game and not Politics.

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RE:Ghost Recon Predator

It is a shame on humanity that such a video game is produced. This not only indirectly promotes genocide it also dents humanity and wisdom. Srilankan civil war is not at all terrorism and the rebels are freedom fighters who were fighting oppression from Srilankan government. George Washington fought against British colonists and liberated USA.. So,.,by this notion he is a terrorist leader and his army is a terrorist army? so the united state of America is liberated by terrorists?let get our thinking caps together.

Furthrmore,the Srilankan government was heavily criticized by HRW,UN,Amnesty international, and many more organization for human rights violation. It is also now under severe investigation by the UN on war crimes and genocide. Playing this game will "dumb-down" an average gamer into thinking that Srilankan barbaric military are savious meanwhile they are the real terrorists.

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Its absolutely not a good idea to fit this game as in Sri Lanka. Its most inappropriate thing to do. Sri Lanka killed thousands of innocent tamil people and projected it as if they killed terrorists .. its a genocide that took place in sri lanka. Human rights activists all over the vold condemned this brutal killings. UN appointed a war crime investigation pannel to probe these killings. The description of the game must be changed to somthing else ..definitely not sri lankan killings .. i would't buy till it the word 'sri lanka' is out ..my friends asking - is ur next game is the genocide in sudan ..ubsoft should not ignore the voices of tamils ..

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It's unacceptable genocide of Tamil people is used in this video game. The use of blood politics to earn profit with no respect to human rights and justice is against any basic democratic values. Human rights campaigners should start a campaign to boycott the product of ubisoft until it with draw it's plan to use genocide for its profit. Planning for a campaign against this product and writing to human rights organisations...

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OOOh yeah at last Sri Lanka is a theme for a game . so long been waiting for one wanna see how it works.at last getting a chance to blast some LTTE and save civilians as i have seen in live war footage.always been a fan for Ghost recon games and it is a good move of them to show the true set of events other than always go through fictions.

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