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Congratulations Erik, on behalf on the 19,000 members of Ghostrecon.net I'd like to wish you both every happiness and joy on your wedding day and for your future together.


Thank to Rocky and all the members at GR.net for the message I received during my wedding dinner last Saturday when the big day finally arrived. It really got peoples attention with the "19,000 members part". :lol:


Probably the last time I put on my mess dress (which I can still use as I'm retired from the Air Force due to cutbacks in 2002), but there couldn't have been a better occasion to do it. It was a magical day which we will always remember...

Tomorrow we are off on our honeymoon. Starting of with a flight to Edinburgh and a week or so in Scotland, including backpacking around the Highlands for a few days. Then we plan to move over to Ireland for the rest of the trip. It's going to be fantastic scenery!

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So... almost a year ago now. Wow... time flies.

I must say that the honeymoon in Scotland was great. So great that we stayed there for two weeks and never got to Ireland (but we will go there next time ;) ). There is so much history in Scotland and we started with a few days in Edinburgh followed by a couple around the lowlands, past Striling, Loch Lomond and Dornie on our way to Isle of Skye, beautiful place. After a day on the island it was back past Loch Ness and up to Inverness. This is where we had planed to move on to Ireland, but instead we continued up into the Highlands and ended up at John o´Groats and headed over to Orkney. Then back to the "mainland" and along the north coast past Thurso over to Durness. Then back down to Ullapool and after a few days there back to Inverness before going back home to Sweden.

Such a beautiful landscape and such rich history and lots and lots to see. My advise for going there is don't plan too far ahead. Book B&B just a day or two ahead so that you can be more flexible. We also used some buss tours to get us between some cities, actually didn't rent a car or go by train until we got to Inverness the first time, and then basically only because there is no other practical way to go into the Highlands. ;)


Then by car that is. Unless you are leaving the roads and going into the actual mountains of course. ;)

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into the Highlands and ended up at John o´Groats and headed over to Orkney. Then back to the "mainland" and along the north coast past Thurso over to Durness.

That's where I was last week, caravan at Betty Hill which is 30 minutes from Thurso. There's a new museum at Thurso now all about the atomic reactor at Durness, fascinating, I spent an hour in there.

Congrats on year 1.

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Train was the only practical way into the highlands? Walking costs nothing, how's that for practicality? :)

Ops... Re-reading it I should have added car once more in that sentence. Car is the only practical way to get up into the Highlands as it's quite far to walk from Inverness to Durness. ;)

We took the train back down from Inverness to Edinburgh after we returned the car.

One photo from last week, see the tiny beach in the corner, that was a 5 minute walk from the caravan and we had it practically to ourselves most days.

And the rain.

I think I've been there. :) We also drove about 5-10 min east of Durness to another beach right after passing a heritage site.

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