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I and other players at Sparta have done a bit of testing to see if the stealth actually works in Arma2 and it does.

One such example, an objective involved destroying a radio transmitter b4 completing main objectives to prevent reinforcements rolling in - crawling and using stealth enabled me to pass right by AI - if I had opened fire even once then the way the AI move in Arma2 it would have been game over although stealth weapons will slow down the AI detection time.

On another occasion, a sniper on high ground guided a lonewolf through a hot AO crawling with at least 40 tangoes all the way to a radio tower and he was able to place satchel charges and retreat to safety only having to kill 2 opfor on the way using SD weapons.

With the 'see through' bushes being resolved in Arma2 - there really isnt much more to do to make it GR-like.

Even the Urban Patrol Script which has the 'fortify' option enables AI opfor to use the cover of buildings quite well particularly in OA.

I have built 4 GR MP missions for dedicated server which all run properly and have the GR-feel with multiple and unlinear objectives within 1000x1000m AO. Now I will switch my efforts to producing several stealth missions which will demonstrate even further how Arma2/OA is a superior version of GR.

May the doubters come and join the Spartans in a coop mission of mine and tell me it doesn't beat the original.


ps I will post my missions shortly for others to play - 9 player coop missions which bring GR to Arma2/OA.

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