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HAWX 2 - Interview


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Great interview.

The first HAWX took place between the events of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 and EndWar. Does HAWX 2 have plot connections with other Tom Clancy's games too?

The storyline in HAWX 2 starts in the Middle East, in the near future. The HAWX squadron is deployed in the Middle East, where insurgent activity is showing a rise both in the level of activity and in the violence of it. With new insurgent leaders rising in several hotspots of the world and a number of nuclear weapons belonging to Russia being mysteriously stolen, a storm is brewing and the HAWX are sent to the center of it. There are connections with other events in the Tom Clancy universe, but revealing them now would spoil our surprises

GR4 off to Cyprus! :rocky:

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The demo has many of the new features in it, and I wasn't at all impressed with them... The aerial refueling was boring, annoying, and hard to control, and the carrier landings were not even remotely realistic. You can basically plow into the deck as hard or fast as you want and it still lands. The "precision bombing" involves moving a set of crosshairs over a target and hitting a button. They really could have done a lot more with this stuff, but as it is I really don't think it adds anything to the game. If there's a lot of aerial refueling required in the campaign and you can't skip it, it could turn out to be a big turn-off. I would strongly recommend trying the demo before making a purchase decision - it's available now on Xbox 360 and PS3, but still no word on a PC demo.

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