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The end of BFG Technologies ?

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Bad news for anyone with a BFG product, They have started returning RMA'd Graphics cards & Power supplies back to customers unfixed, saying they are unable to honour the warranty

with the following grim letter:

BFG Technologies Inc. is in the process of winding down and liquidating its business. Unfortunately, our

major supplier would not support our business. As a result, we are returning your

graphics card without being able to repair it. We apologize for the inconvenience.

BFG Tech Sending Out RMA Denial Letters: Winding Down Business

This is despite BFG saying in May that although they were leaving the GPU market they would still support current warranty's

“After eight years of providing innovative, high-quality graphics cards to the market, we regret to say that this category is no longer profitable for us, although we will continue to evaluate it going forward”, said John Slevin, chairman of BFG Technologies. “We will continue to provide our award-winning power supplies and gaming systems, and are working on a few new products as well. I’d like to stress that we will continue to provide RMA support for our current graphics card warranty holders, as well as for all of our other products such as power supplies, PCs and notebooks.”

BFG will continue to offer RMA, telephone and email support for qualified BFG Tech graphics card warranty holders, but will no longer be bringing new graphics card products to market.

BFG Leaves GPU Market, to Focus on PSUs & Laptops / PCs

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awwww no way i've always liked BFG this reccession thing is killin allot of good buisinesses

hey halli how much you askin for it out of interest, i still havent sorted the graphic card out for my HAVOK PC and i just want to know , i may be interested though ATI is calling me.

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I for one am not sad to see BFG go. Not sure if anyone here remembers the founders of BFS basically helped torpedo (for lack of a nicer term) their previous employers VisionTek.

I had a VisionTek GeForce 3 whose warranty went down the drain with VisionTek.

And that was soon after 3dfx self-destructed too and there went my support for my Voodoo 5500 LOL.

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Didn't Visiontek get bought out by ATI? IF i remember correctly. I used to love there nvidia based video cards.

Also on another note... ATI is no more. AMD is now rebranding all ATI cards and AMD Radeons. Going to post it in another topic.

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Didn't Visiontek get bought out by ATI? IF i remember correctly. I used to love there nvidia based video cards.

Not as far as I know. Only info I can find on a cursory search is the original VisionTek went into foreclosure in 2002


ATI was one of the few graphics chip makers making their own graphics boards and I think were at the top of the market at the time (even though nVidia had faster cards, ATI had more of their cheaper cards installed in PCs), so I don't think they would have any benefit to buy VisionTek at the time.

The other thing to remember is at that time most board makers could only either sell ATI or Nvidia and VisionTek was strictly Nvidia cards. Only several years later did (I believe) ASUS had enough clout to break the mold and started selling both Nvidia and ATI based cards

In the last few years some other company bought over the VisionTek name so that's why there are still VisionTek cards out there. (Just like someone bough the Diamond brand I think ...)

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Vision Tech (I owned a TI4600 which still to this day runs( http://www.amazon.com/VisionTek-GeForce4-Ti-4600-Graphics/dp/B000062YL5) and elsa (i owned and erazor (http://www.firingsquad.com/hardware/erazorx/default.asp) ) were the top manufacturers for nvidia and honored there warrantys with pride and quick returns. Each had lifetime warranties. Apparently they ment lifetime of the company though :(

is why i thought ati /amd picked them up.

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