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Los Cabos


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Los Cabos v3 is now ready for public release.

I have changed the version the mission to v3 to save any confusion on line, not very many changes here from the last version.

- The second tank is now working.

- Load screen has been made taller to remove the white line at the lower edge.

As always thanks goes to all the alpha testers, all beta testers are named in the release text.

Download Link, Screenshot is in the zip file:


Mission Author: JohnTC02

Map Author: JohnTC02

File Size: 7.25 mb

Version: 3


Los Cabos:

It turned out that Miguel Morales was never at Jalisco and we have no new intel on his whereabouts but we must continue the fight Ghost's.

Your next mission will take you to a rocky outpost called Los Cabos, we don't have a lot of information for you here but we do know that there is a VIP here that you must track down and eliminate, he is believed to be a scientist involved in the production of the new ant-air systems code named "HUMRAAM", the VIP must not escape.

You must also destroy the HUMRAAM emplacement as this is doing untold damage to our aircraft so this is also top priority.

Before we can arrange your extraction you will need to destroy the anti-air depot, all air defenses and disable the transmitter.

Good luck Ghost's.

Your Mission:

1. Destroy Chemical Stores.

2. Eliminate VIP.

3. Destroy Transmitter.

4. Destroy HUMRAAM.

5. Destroy Antiair Depot.

6. Destroy Adat A.

7. Destroy Adat B.

Map list for Dedicated Servers:



As is usual now this is another adaptive map, for full instructions on how to use the mission and the multiplayer switch take a look a my last few releases.

Thanks to all the alpha testers that helped getting this mission to the beta stage.

Thanks to the Beta Testers:

daro48, Rahnman Zero Goose JayBOT mexicobob & the rest of the team @ TAW.net (The Art of Warfare), kaapo, triplex, =WBG=Ron and his team @World Brotherhood of Gamers (world-gamers.co.uk), JustFineKill, Clyde67 and Brettp


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Thanks as always for bringing us yet another new mission and map to boot. I didn't get round to beta testing this one until last night - too busy with other things but I really enjoyed the first run through. I'm looking forward to getting to grips with this one. Hope the new PC is living up to expectations.

thanks again

Anthony :snipe:

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  • 4 weeks later...

What is the CTD bug when hitting X to resupply? I'm assuming CTD stands for something related to a "connection timed out" error? Is it on this map only? I haven't gotten past the chemical stores on this map because I keep crashing at that point. I just figured out tonight that it was related to the resupply mule. Then I come in here and see it mentioned specifically. Am I to assume we should not be resupplying at the mule because of the bug?

Thanks for any info.


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Hi JackDoe,

Welcome to the forums.

CTD just means "Crash to desktop", when the game crashes you should get a crash log in a notepad type of window, it's always best to post it here so we can try to help you out but saying that some of the errors are very vague.

Are you crashing when using the mule or when destroying one of the objectives, if it's the latter you might get the "C Stack" error, if this is the case then try lowering your in game video settings as I use more effects in my missions than normal and unless you have a high spec PC it wont be able to cope and crash the game.

As to the mule bug if you are carrying a RPG then try and resupply then it will crash the game, there are a couple more weapons that can cause this but I can never remember which ones they are.

Some of the more experienced players here requested that I include the mule in my missions as they are able to complete them with a very low death count and they often run out of ammo so I told them that they will have to use the mule at their own risk and this may crash the game, unfortunately there is nothing I can do about it.

Hope this helps,


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Thanks John. Yeah, it's been when I'm carrying the RPG. That does explain why it allowed me to switch weapons a couple of times but always crashing after that one. I'll remember that and post it up on the fubartactical server's website.

Yep, first post here on the forums. I've been a long time player of GRAW2 (years ago I used to play with Satoh, Triplex, Rahnman and a bunch of other long time players like Gator (who suddenly passed away recently). I'm familiar with the many C Stack errors and their causes (like hitting the Z key when typing a message...I preferred it before the update when the Z key would fix the ROF issue...or to many deaths and switching weapons, etc.). Seems I'm getting this connection error a lot lately, and now I'll have to see if it has anything to do with a mule in the other maps. It wasn't until last night that I finally associated the crashing with the mule then popped over here to see if it was already known. Which I see it is.

I only get about an hour's play time in the evenings (if that), but if you guys are looking for more map testers, just holler. Not sure if I'd be devoting the kind of time you need to it, but I'm game.


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