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Problem rendering lightmaps


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I'm in the process of making another new map and I've encountered a lightmap problem which I've never seen before.

After rendering the lightmaps (which only took 30mins, not a good sign!) I only had 24 TGA files in the texture folder I have converted them with the atlas gen tool as per usual.

After checking them in game I found only a few buildings dotted around the map which had lightmaps all the rest had no shadows or darker areas inside the buildings.

I'm at a loss here as to what's causing this problem, if anyone has any ideas I would be very grateful.

Thanks all,


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Spent a few hours today trying to sort this out.

I used the "mp_rs_crash_planewreck_0#" and for some reason this was preventing the lightmaps from rendering correctly, after removing it all was fine.

Strange! :blink:

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