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[any way to add M99 sniper scope to SCAR ?]


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my SCAR sights have gone crazy they are opaque is there any way to add the M99 sniper scope to it so i can see through some sights again.


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While it is possible and has been asked before



It sounds from your post that maybe it would be better to explain the problem you have and try to get the existing SCAR scopes fixed ? for example Have the stock ones ever worked OK since game was installed or Have you tried modding it and that's when they "broke" ?

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oh right i musn't have seen it, sorry.

the problem arose when i added 969/968 more bullets to the magazine and reduce t's recoil but i have done this with all the other weapons that dont have this scope and they work fine since then whenever i looked throught the scope i could see nothing but the red dot, it happens with the MP5 and the SCARH too. luckily ive had time to suss out GRAW and i added the weapon selection to mission 1 but the SCAR series is by far my favorite and i would like to look through the sights again.

'mr murphy' did make the drop with me after all

it seems to happen with the M8 scope now too but apart from that its fine, i can shoot long range now.

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