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i need SOF_WOLFF's permission to post a skin

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SOF_WOLFF was last active APR 06 2008 and i was snooping around looking for some cool skins then i saw his long range patrol and his black uniforms. i mainly used the long range patrol skin and replaced the arm pad, helmet and names added a few blood splats and a scar for kirkland (now known as ACID, who ill bring up in another post) now i like the skin and i want to know your opinion and maybe as rocky about putting it up in the mods area depending on permission but thats the problem, how can i get permission off someone who isnt online anymore?

i'll get some screenies now.



there are interface changes too, only minor ones. like when it's game over it says: oh well done, idiot! instead of the typical GAME OVER

and on loading some mission breifings are different.

the new names have been scripted into the Xcom too so they are as follows

BROWN= Bryant, a 'lucky' U.S marine gunner U.S marine model file.

ALLEN= Stanton, a ghost working alongside you, ghost 'delta' model

KIRKLAND= ACID, an experimental soldier who no one knows the name of so he is known as codename ACID. ghost 'delta' model file

YOU= anyone who is capable of leading such a team, so you can go ahead and change the name tag if you want, i doubt its an issue as most of you will be in first person view.

the only problems i have experienced are i cant change the debriefing texts so it still mitchell kirkland allen and brown

and the AI cam still shows it too and the video's are still saying 'mitchell', if you can find out how to get rid of the videos great.

the SCAR L sights are opaque but that may be an issue with my PC.

it doesnt happen with other guns using the same scope.

also ACID's facial scars a symetrical but it isnt a MAJOR issue it looks kinda cool.

in the briefing texts i never state the name mitchell anywhere so you are an anonymous fighter who has hacked mitchell's communications, so consider yourself a bad good guy.

if you can help out with the permission thing great.

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