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MoH: Medal of Honor - "The Catalyst" Trailer

Pave Low

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An all-new Medal of Honor gameplay/live action trailer directed by Linkin Park's Joe Hahn.

The trailer features never-before-seen in-game footage set to the band's first single

'The Catalyst' from their soon to be released album, A Thousand Suns.


And for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, here is the Medal of Honor "Teaser" Trailer again:


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Beta is... an alpha. Has a lot of errors. kill radius of the M67 is 5m, not 3 cm, 5.56 is weak, but not that weak. Ballistics absolutely need tweaking.

Also, noise and light discipline. No one leaves there IR lasers on to scale a wall. Bad guys have NODs, not a lot, but they have them. If there was that much enemy fire, it would go something like this:

You this is me, fire mission over. ######load of ordinance, grid ##########

Having said that, I have it pre-ordered. I am looking forward to it. If Bad Company is any indication to what DICE is capable of, the multiplayer has potential. I've always wanted to play JSOC units, but I will be a critic. Don't mess this up!

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