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Hotmail's New Layout...Awful

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I'm quite happy with Hotmail. It does what I need it to do. Last night the layout changed to one that's fussy and has a smaller font. Rather then implement changes as they come along, it seems MSN has done a complete shake up, with social networking in mind. Yuck!

At first, I thought I might have changed a setting or option by mistake, but I did a search and it's not just me. It doesn't seem to be popular either.


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I use hotmail all the time and it's been fine for me but since they changed the layout it wouldn't work the first 2 days. It would open then it would pop up a warning to quit running script or PC would become unresponsive, or if you attempted to open any mail it would freeze and you would have to use task manager to end program. :wall: Today I finally got it to work a couple of times OK but it still froze up once.

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@KRP 56, hey are you with the viper tactical kit guys? i love their stuff ive bought tac vests and clothes from there, i like to do a bit of a bb gun massacre with my mates and i just couldnt find anything better for the price.

the first 2 days it happened with me too it was most likely the server updates

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