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Games.on.net interview with Stuart White

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What's better than a game about guns and weaponry? It's obvious - a game about guns and weaponry from the future. If your trigger finger has started twitching at the mere mention of such an awesome concept, you might like to check out our video interview with one of the producers of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, where we investigate the game's weaponry, gadgets and co-op in detail.


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Got your PM,no probs lol.

Wonder when they are going to mention the *cough* "Multi-tool". :)

You know,the saw like bayonet that can be used to slash enemies in CQC[Close quaters combat],or wedge open locked doors

& short circuit enemy drones.

Not the underbarrel attachment on the MR-B,Im on about the one thats strapped to his backpack.

Used a similar stun knife in Metal gear solid 4.


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