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How do I change individual character Headgear ?

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First things first ,I am using GRAW1 with the latest Brettzies mod pack (which is fantastic!!!), using this pack I have worked out a quick fix solution to changing the headgear by simply changing the name of the DDS file following the path "textures / atlas_characters / bpgear / diffuse and so I can affect a global character change through the various different colours / versions of the "bp_mich2001" (eg _tan ,_ ,black _ ,grey) and the same with the ballcap, I have tried on many different occasions to change the headgear to the boonie hat and the skullcap by editing the "XML" doc but to no avail .

My question is simply this firstly how do I change what headgear each individual character is wearing from the options that are available in brettzies pack ( boonie hat , skullcap , ballcap , mich2001 )?

After 5 months of trying to work out how to do this and numerous "google" and forum searches I have not been able to find any information on how to do it , and so with a plea of "will somebody please help me ! I havent much hair left on my head after pulling most of mine out after countless failed attempts and I dont wanna be bald !!!!! ", I await any help /advice anybody can give me .

Many thanks in advance !

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There's no way to "easily" do this in GRAW1. Graw2 introduced some xml mix n' match edits that made this possible. This is what gave me the idea in the first place. For Graw1, I just re exported each soldier with a different headgear. In other words they are one mesh file. There isn't a file that says, use this body with this head and this helmet.

However, I could export all of the head gear I've made in each soldier and then just hide the bits I or anyone else doesn't want seen. For instance:

	<graphic_group name="ballcap" culling_object="gfx_ballcap_lodx">

		<lod_object name="ballcap">

			<object name="gfx_ballcap_lodx" hidden="false"  max_distance="10" increase_bounding_volume="600"  />

			<object name="gfx_ballcap_loda" hidden="false" />



	<graphic_group name="headset" culling_object="gfx_headset_lodx">

		<lod_object name="headset">

			<object name="gfx_headset_lodx" hidden="false"  max_distance="10" increase_bounding_volume="600"  />

			<object name="gfx_headset_loda" hidden="false" />



	<graphic_group name="nvg_ghost_up" culling_object="gfx_nvg_lodx">

		<lod_object name="nvg_ghost_up">

			<object name="gfx_nvg_lodx" hidden="true"  max_distance="10" increase_bounding_volume="600"  />

			<object name="gfx_nvg_ghost_up_loda" hidden="true" max_distance="1000"   />

			<object name="gfx_nvg_ghost_up_lodb" hidden="true" max_distance="100000"   />



	<graphic_group name="mich2001_ghost" culling_object="gfx_mich2001_ghost_lodx">

		<lod_object name="mich2001_ghost">

			<object name="gfx_mich2001_ghost_lodx" hidden="true"  max_distance="10" increase_bounding_volume="600"  />

			<object name="gfx_mich2001_ghost_loda" hidden="true" max_distance="1000"  />

			<object name="gfx_mich2001_ghost_lodb" hidden="true"  max_distance="100000"  />



Would be the code section for a soldier with 4 head gear objects, 2 of which are hidden. Been a while since I messed with this. I might give it a shot this weekend, and try to put the Mk14 in as well. No promises though. I have some other things to do.

I left the objects in the folder because they are small and it was easier then trying to figure out what to delete from Graw2. However, they really aren't used for Graw1, just the textures and materials.xmls. This must have driven you insane....apologies.

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Thank you for the reply , I have got to say that I wasnt expecting a reply from "the creator" himself ( V impressed!!!!!)

All I can say is ...........thank the [deleted] for that !!!!!! it wasnt me !!!! LOL ,

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Ok, I updated it. You can now change the head gear via xml edits. I didn't really want to spend a lot of time on this, and the skullcap was originally fit to the mercs of Graw2, but I put it in anyway. The default setup is Allen ballcap, Brown mich2001, Kirkland boonie hat, Ghost lead mich2001.


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