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OA DLC # 1: First DLC British Armed Forces

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Larger pics at Czech games website.

This looks severely kickass. They've even got new UK radio protocols and voices.

Though as usual there is a debate going on at the BIS forum about the merits and worth of DLC. Some argue that they shouldn't have to pay for something that has already been made by the addon community for free (Answer: Don't buy this then).

I don't care, these units look totally boss.

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yeah, even though these models are ported /converted from VBS 2 content, £ 8 still seems reasonable for the level of very high quality polish that you wouldn't ordinarily get with most user created content

and as someone pointed out this will "replace/supersede" dozens of separate UK forces fan mods with a single requirement that should make things much simpler for mission makers and players

They've even got new UK radio protocols and voices.


Yes, there are British voice actors. We even managed to get Geordie and Scottish accents.
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