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[GR] logo with transparent background?[Png]

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Hi again Guys,

I was wondering if anyone may have this [GR] image in their posession.


Im looking for one that is in .png file format,but without the black background,but still containing the finer details of the skull,gun,bolts and especially the text.Basically a transparent version.I havnt seen anything around the net like it.

Im looking to incorporate it into a shockwave project file im creating in flash CS3,when the .SWF file ends,the [GR] logo will appear on the background im using.

Im cleaning up our site a bit,and this will add in nicely to the project im creating.Im trying to cut around the text and stuff,but its proving to be a real pain in some parts.So if anyone has one on hand it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


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I used your posted logo and in photoshop I set the logo to screen blending mode over my background. The beret was washed out and the black was missing from the eyes and around the teeth. Create a layer underneath the logo and paint those areas in with black.

Had to go over it a couple of times with the black brush to get it to look correct.

So the logo is set to screen blend mode

The middle and background are set to normal blend mode.

Just for future reference, screen blend mode eliminates all the black from a layer.


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Excellant fellas,you guys are legends.

Thats exaclty what I needed.Im not sure if anyone had attempted it before,if this is the first time,then fair play to you all.

This will be useful for anyone else looking for it in the future also.

I must give you guys and Gr.Net a mention on our guestbook for doing this.

Thanks again.


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