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Los Cobos

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Los Cobos v1 is now ready for beta testing.

This mission is built on the mission 06 landscape so this will make a change from my usual urban type of map, again I have used my new type of adaptive mission and you will find the usual multiplayer switch at the initial spawn location, in addition to the light you will also hear a audible click when you activate the switch.

Respawn points:

When you activate trigger 06.

When you complete the Transmitter objective.

When you complete the Chemical Stores objective.

When you complete the Antiair Depot objective.

When you complete the HUMRAAM objective.

After Adat A has been destroyed.

When you destroy the roadblock.

When you activate trigger 22.

I have used a different prop at the antenna objective, although this effect looks quite nice it may cause some lag for some of you but it shouldn't last for to long, we will have to see how this goes.

Thanks for testing,



Los Cobos v1.


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Hi John,

I played half map in single mode and 2nd part with ebk in multiplayer. Ive seen 2 issues. 1st is a tree In the Wall,:



I know it's hard to find this position, but next time I'll press M :wall:

2nd near adat A when I shooting from inside the house though the bushes in pass to ADAT A. I seen my blood and heard sound like hits in my ghost, but only with zoom:


New environment is a nice change, very active AIs make map difficult to finish. The snipers are in good places its hard to see them. Very good thing is the enemies doesnt spawn behind in cleared areas which is very helpful.

I have only few things to discuss. There could be a little problem with the mule near chemicals. If some players go top left side up the hill from village to object they will be near tank and I think most of them will use the mule to get the RPG, so it will be hard to take for server. From the other hand, this is the best position to get m99 against the heli, when you go down the hill to kill the tank and again up the hill to the chemicals. I think good solution will be put AI with m99 in one of houses near this position. If someone kill him earlier and be too late to get this gun, heli will fly away anyway.

After destruction the road block 2 AIs are spawning opposite corners of the way in. This is little confusing. The way to extract is little boring because of fences and lot of enemies to kill and of course helis which are difficult to kill through mountains. This is only my opinion and I think no one will agree with it but, after kill over 250 enemies and shot down few helis, why the way to extract cant end in easy way like in Los Mochis? In most of maps the extraction way is ending in this same way This is not over yet! Try to get to extract, or extract is too hot…., or kill them all and if you survive youll get back to home. Its any chance to change this?

But after all the pleadings, I must say that I like this new map/mission. John once again good work and thanks for the new adventures :D



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shootin scoped in any bush any map u will see the blood spray for some reason

Ok maybe you right, but this same problem is in Gunrunner. When you stand near left building at benining of the map. Tere are no bushes but this same efect...

I tested few bushes and in some is this sound but without blood and in some is all fine so it looks like next ubi mistake. It's look like I don't pay any attention for many years for this bug lol

Edited by daro48
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Thanks for all the replies so far folks.

Unfortunately real life issues have forced me to put my mission modding to one side for a while but I will get back to it soon so please bear with me and I hope to back at it in a week or so.

I will take a look at the issues posted here and get a new beta out as soon as I can.



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Things are a bit quieter here now so I'm trying to get back to making my missions.

Looking at the issues posted here so far it doesn't seem worth while making another beta so if there are no more issues to report I will make a start on getting this released sometime next week.



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Hi John,

a awesome mission again :D

Overall a great balance and not easy. Also the extraction is what we like.

We have just some small things and don't know if it are issues or not.

1. When I pushed the X button at the chemical store GRAW crashed at the same time on my client with access violation error.

Second client was still alive.

2. Two sleeping dogs, even when I was in front of it:

Issue 1-1

Issue 1-2

Issue 1- location

2.1. . Two sleeping dogs, even when I was in front of it:

Issue 2-1

Issue 2-2

Issue 2- location

We took only one objective at a time but some times our system was at 27 fps so may it was a CPU lag that we found these sleeping dogs.

Overall it was a great surprise to get a new mission from you and like always it made much fun to play it.

Thanks John, great work :yes:

With greetz from Erika and Klaus

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Hi John,

Here is my report. :)

1. I don't know what this thing is, but it's floating:


2. More floating stuff :whistle: This time some grass at the extraction:


3. This tank sometimes gets stuck by the pillar:


4. Panhard spawns in view (I think this trigger was activated by me but I didn't see a trigger number):


5. Some bots spawn in view at triggers 08A and 08B. They were activated by justFineKill as he was approaching the building from the West:



My favourite part in this mission is the exploding tower. I didn't even know it was possible...amazing is all I have to say.

One more thing. When I test the maps I usually test them in a small team (2-4 players) and most of the time we stick together. I didn't have any lag, but as kaapo already mentioned, I have noticed a LOT of passive bots too. Other than that, it's a great mission. Keep them coming John :thumbsup:

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Sorry John and all, not been around lately....but going off triplex's comment, i remember a few weeks ago John saying to me "Here Ron have a look at the Alpha version and tell me what you think of the tower effects".........So I downloaded it and blew the tower, John mentioned " When you blow the tower get some distance from it and tell me what you think?!"...........

........Pretty cool! :thumbsup:

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Hi triplex,

Thanks for the detailed report.

That thing you mentioned that is stuck in the wall is a water tank, don't ask me how it got there but I will make sure it's removed.

Floating grass as well, oh dear I think I need a holiday! :whistle:

I'll take a look at the tank/panhard, there's not a lot of room on this map for vehicles but I will see what I can do.

The only fix for the AI you saw spawn on the second floor of the building is to put some fencing around there to hide them, if it's a big issue I get it sorted.

Hi Ron, pleased that you and triplex like the exploding tower, that's just a XAG prop, I've been playing around with a few of these props and they do look quite cool, I had to make an indestructible version so you wouldn't destroy it before it was needed, when you blow the c4 it's replaced with the dynamic version, I think it turned out ok.

Final testing of my next mission is underway and I will get this one released asap.



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After playing the map several times now my personal conclusion about that map.

There are a lot of of things in it that i enjoyed a lot! :thumbsup:

Like the new and not so endless environment , the exploding tower, tanks that can be done by C4,

good sniper positions of the tangos and good sniper positions like those high towers where you can collect a plenty of souls.

IMHO: Already now it is a good map and it is getting one of my favorites. :shifty:

I know that some people do not like so much camper in a map.

But for me its a challenge. In my point of view players have to take time to clean the areas.

And If you do not then the AI gets more and more dump. :nono:

But i have an ammunition problem. You have to kill around 500 tangos.

So some more mules for new ammunition would be nice.

Sure you can take rifles from enemy's- but no MSG or M416 with scope and silencer which i like most. :P

Most times i started alone and always i push the mutiplayer button and after a while others joined.

So have to survive without helihunters like shepardrus or triplex. But I do not like to start with M99.

And sometimes the first heli does not go away after some time. For a good score so I have to wait

until the heli gets me with his rockets. Then I can choose the M99.

Just one M99 in the start area would be an lovely shortcut. 0:)

But even if you have one, most time the helis are flying a bit to high for to get him on the easy way.

And as bad helihunter it can be a bit boring to wait for a good position. :o=

There are areas in map (A/B/C) where should be some more Tangos. :devil:

There is almost no real resistance and that is just to easy there.

One misplaced Tango in NNW area. :ph34r:

Almost out of map and in the wall of the house. You can see only his hands.

So its possible to kill him but he might be more inside.

Once i had the problem that when i spawn first I spwan left side near fence and a guy hit me through the fence. (And I did not stand direct at fence).

But I think that is more a general graw problem and not one of the map. :o

But over all its an other good job of John! thx 4 that :D


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Played this last night with 2 others. Had some minor lag issues when alot of things were blowing up, but mostly because the guys I play with dont really do the whole stick together thing. I did have a few AI walking into the outside walls of some of the buildings and just sitting there. Love the map and the mission, perfect length. I think we got through it in about an hour or so. Great job!

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I was intending to fix the issues mentioned here and get this mission released but since there has been a few more problems posted would you kind folks like another beta version just to make sure I haven't missed anything.

JFK mentioned that he would like to have a couple more mules in the mission, while that's fine by me you must remember that doing this can cause problems due to the known bug with that vehicle.

I would appreciate your thoughts here, do you want another beta before release and do you want some extra mules on the map?

I could always place a few Zeus's around the map if this would help with the havocs.

Thanks all,


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>> I could always place a few Zeus's around the map if this would help with the havocs.

I hate havocs and i love to have a zeus. But on the other hand if You put some zeus in the map the havocs are no challenge anymore.

And out of my point of view it should be difficult to succeed a map then zeus will reduce the level of difficulty too much.

And most times its easy to hide and wait for little while. Only if the havocs does not go away (after some time) their is a real need to get him down.

Just let them fly a bit lower (if that is possible) and put some M99 or some more mules (to get the M99 fast when its needed).

A better shelter and just one M99 might be already enough at the start area.

>> lag issues

If you play it alone and you take time to clean the areas then there are lot less lag issues.

But if teams split to different objects and some players run to much forward and last not least the areas are not cleaned yet then the lag is growing.

And on top of that it can happen that both tanks are moving, and one or two havoc(s) are there.

Then bots are getting more inactive and you have a real big lag issues. :nono:

Sure you can say that is a problem of the map cause that is possible in that map.

But in my humble opinion is that players should not forget that its a tactical game and team play should be the only way.

In the map itself there is only one thing what might be should changed:

The trigger area of the east tank could be put a bit more to the east.

So that this tank is not so easy activated at same time when the west Tank is moving.

>> New beta

Depends totally how much You will change

Cause already now its a quite good map :yes:

ciao JustFineKill

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Version 1.1 is ready for testing.

I thought I may as well post a new beta version up here as you all are kind enough to test the mission it's only fair that you should have a chance to see if I have missed anything.

So the changes are as follows:

- Sleepy AI, I have checked the AI graph and made a few changes to some of the AI patrols, I'm not sure if it will help though.

- Sorry triplex, I couldn't find the water tank that was stuck in the wall in the screenshot you posted, maybe I found it a while back and forgot that I removed it, if you see it again then let me know.

- Floating grass at extraction has been fixed,

- I have made the trigger larger near the tunnel that activates the panhard so this should be fixed.

- Added some fencing on the second floor of the building near the antenna to hide the AI that spawns there.

- I was unable to place any m99's on the map, if you play the mission using the standard weapons then having a m99 on the map will crash the game.

- Added two more mules at the two locations suggested by JFK, as always use them at your own risk!

- Some AI that were stuck in the walls have been repositioned.

- The trigger for the tank at the east (near the antenna) has been changed so it won't be activated if you are on the west side of the map.

- New minimap, the last one was incorrect and was showing buildings that were not on the map, the original map was a bit bigger than it is now, this was changed during alpha testing the general consensus was that it was a bit on the large side.

I think that's about it, if anyone would like to test this version I would be very grateful, I will give it a few more days before I get it released.

Thanks all,



Los Cabos v1.1.

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Dear John,

after various test of cabos 1.1 (most with some of the core players of =GE= like ebk, triplex, shepardrus, daro48, BrettP, =WBG=Ron)

it seems that the map is ready 4 public release.

But only if players will take the normal green way (which is taken by almost all players) then we did not find real problems.

There would be only little things which still could be changed:

There is an area with almost no defence.

But on the other hand there are already more then 500 tangos.

So there could be more defence but it does not have to be.

For two areas in the map there is no real reasons for to go there.

You could place there a little object so that players have to go there.

An other point of view is: Why should players to go to every place?

The last mule is placed at a very hot place.

You never be sure if there are tangos around or not.

And changing weapons with tangos so near that might be not a so good idea.

Or keep it there as a special adventure.

Some heave MG's - on top of the roofs of antenna.

Just 4 get helis down. Its a special wish because i am a so bad M99 helihunter.

Good helihunters just laugh at me about such an idea.

But all that can be changed - but all that is not existential.



But we found an other problem which is much more serious.

If players take the red way (straight to antenna) then the tangos in the red area gets dump.

Means you go there and shoot all tangos and almost no reaction.

We test that on the GE test server and on the normal GE server and we had the same result.

For that we do not think that it is a server problem.

In an other test we went first to Chemicals, cleaned the passed areas and then get down both tanks and then we went to antenna.

Under that circumstance the tangos will wake up.


On the "red way" players pass to many trigger zones without any need to get the activated tangos down.

So system / AI gets to slow.

We discussed different possible solutions:

The best until now is to put barricades (like those metal antitank obstacle) near blue lines so that players

can not go the red way or even enter in those areas.

Put an object in each of the green areas. Every object will open the barricade to next way point.

Triggers and objects will be activated step by step after an object is fulfilled.

So players will be lead on the yellow way and then it will bring them on to the white way.

But you have much more experience and you might know a much more easy solution.

Triplex for example prefers a much more easy and simple solution:

He recommends to draw directions on the minimap. In his point of view its up to a player to decide where he will go.

The Developer can just show the best way.

So it is up to you. And even if you leave the map as it is – still its a very good map.


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When we played this mission we took the red arrow way and yes, in the middle wasn't much defense but this was ok for us.

We had very (I mean very) much defense at the beginning and then it was good to have some silent minutes before the strong defense comes again. We are just 2 players and we are always together to cover each other. May That's why we did not had too much triggers at the time and we could find only the 2 areas with 2 sleeping dogs each. Overall we like this mission very much and we do not use Zeus anymore (because hard to find if exist), we use the big sniper which makes more fun. Zeus is to easy.

I don"t know if we are alone with our thinking but as discussed before, you can never create a perfect mission because of the different value of players and different levels of them. Our opinion is that John's missions a absolutely great and we think there is no need to change the complete structure of it. If you change it, you will have other findings again.

Thanks and greetings to all in here,


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Thanks for testing kaapo, much appreciated, if you want to test a new version the read on! :shifty:

My intentions here was to get this released but after looking through it I decided to make quite a few changes so I thought it would be best to post it here just in case there are still some problems.

Changes to this version:

All snipers have been replaced using different trigger locations, there are a few less snipers than before but I don't think it effects the mission to much, IMO it makes it a bit faster paced.

After looking at JFK's suggestions I have blocked the road along the river about half way down so the Panhard is still able to be used but to stop direct access to the transmitter, doing this should encourage players to head for the "Destroy Chemical Stores" objective first.

There is now only one waypoint showing at the start of the mission, this is the "Destroy Chemical Stores" objective, once you have completed this the rest of the objectives will show.

If for some reason you were to bypass this objective then there is a trigger which will still activate the waypoints, I don't see any reason for doing this as there is a respawn point there but I'm sure someone will have a go.

When you have completed the first objective then all AI (apart from snipers) up to this point (from the start of the mission) will be removed from the map, this is to help reduce the lag/dumb AI around the rest of the map as there may still be a few AI that were missed.

My suggestion is to complete the first objective before you move on, this will help reduce the dumb AI problem.

I hope this is an improvement and it would be good if some of those that were having the AI issues could test again.

I decided to make these alterations after changing it to v2 and removing all the on screen messages, so just look at this a being a pre-release version. :whistle:

Many thanks,



Los Cabos v2.

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This is an amazing map. JFK lives on it...lol. I have played it a gazillion times with JFK since first alpha and I must say I really enjoy it. The only problem I ever had was the typical mule problem . I had an RPG on me after tank and went to get a gun and crashed both of us out, but that is UBI problem. Must say it is a real challenge and I really enjoy it (although I agree with daro about the end could be a little different.) Thank you so much John, an awesome map once again...

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We was able to complete the new version as well. Absolutely great!

No issues or sleeping dog was seen from us and AIs was placed much better on this nice map.

"All snipers have been replaced using different trigger locations, there are a few less snipers than before but I don't think it effects the mission to much, IMO it makes it a bit faster paced." - GOOD

"After looking at JFK's suggestions I have blocked the road along the river about half way down so the Panhard is still able to be used but to stop direct access to the transmitter, doing this should encourage players to head for the "Destroy Chemical Stores" objective first." VERY GOOD

"There is now only one waypoint showing at the start of the mission, this is the "Destroy Chemical Stores" objective, once you have completed this the rest of the objectives will show." YES, GOOD IDEA

"When you have completed the first objective then all AI (apart from snipers) up to this point (from the start of the mission) will be removed from the map, this is to help reduce the lag/dumb AI around the rest of the map as there may still be a few AI that were missed." :thumbsup: YES, GREAT IDEA

I think I have to upgrade my E4400@2400 + ATI3870 because after the transmitter blowed up my fps went down and did not came back up to the normal level again.May it was the 3 helis because just Adat B and extraction was left. It could be my small server as well but I don't know how much CPU load the helis bring up to the dedi server!?

All in all a great mission again! :yes:

Thank you John.

Greetz from Klaus and Erika (back from the field)

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