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Havok's House


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Ahhh...the good old days !!

Running late evening/night/into the morning servers, chicken wars, El Nino and his wicked back rubs !! :whistle:

Well I've re-installed Ghost Recon and in the next 2-3 weeks, once I've cleaned up the House and re-stocked the mini-bars with fresh, cold beverages I think I'll have a House warming. (also once I've learned to use a keyboard again :rolleyes: )

Don't think bandwidth will be a problem these days....could even have G/L wars I'd imagine...not !

So boys and girls....go download Canadian Operatives 2 and patch it !!!! because I guarantee that will be on the menu at some point.

And if enough of the geezers of old swing by maybe that damn Alpha Squad mission The Farm :wall: could be taken down once and for all !!

Recon leads the way !!

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Grrr...got slagged onto the afternoon shift this week. I hate working....

Anywho...I may be available Monday the 2nd. Holiday over here. If not you can count on a server for the follwing weekend.

Let ya know tomorrow for sure...

Hey Alpha can ya send me a link to change the rets to blue for friendly and such. Gotten used to the buttons again at least.:whistle:

My damn hands wanna rebel against using a keyboard to game once more. Damn evil PS3 has my wrists all curled up like a golem. Had to cheat and unlock Jack Stone in the .xml for single player. He a bad ass.

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What time zones is everyone, well I know Alpha's.

More than likely I'll try and figure something out 2morro....I dunno maybe like 4 p.m . EST. No promises but if not then no doubt next weekend.

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Hey Alpha can ya send me a link to change the rets to blue for friendly and such.

Changing the rets... there's a GR Manager writen by FS_Warlord for the TAG Ladder players that among other pretty usefull things, changes the rets colours. I have it uploaded at http://www.4shared.com/file/s0M4jkSC/GRManager.html. As far as I can tell and from my experience and many other players, it is a safe file. I hope you find it usefull.

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Bloody hell, can't believe I missed this message string. I jones for the good old days. Are you guys still playing. If so, I'd be very interested. Have to reinstall first though. Anyone kinow if [GR] works on a Windows 7 64bit platform?

How the hell is everyone? What's everyone up to these days?


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