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RUSE Dev video and free MP weekend.

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I've always kind of let the blame fall on UBI brass about the lack of interaction between UBI devs and fans but apparently if the devs want to be part of the community they can. It's just for some reason GR and R6 devs choose not to and not because UBI won't let them. Not that I was going to buy FS anyways, but I'll keep this as future reference for the next R6.

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RUSE is a new IP for them and they want this game to be a "HIT"

Will see how things turn out when RUSE 2 is in development

ps. Maybe they are looking at resumes right now to hire a community manager or do they have one already? lol

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UBI and Community Manager is an oxymoron, more like Press Liason/Press Manager. Why do they bother putting Community in the title, the community doesn't exist, especially after a game is released. If Community truly meant squat to UBI, Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six wouldn't be the monstrosities they are today.

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