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Hi All

I have just reinstalled GRAW2 which i have not played for a long time, but i am having problems. First off my system is not the greatest but did run it some time ago to my satisfaction. When i click on the icon to launch i get the hour glass for a fraction of a second then nothing?

p4 3.0

1 gig ram

7800gs, windows xp. Like i said not the best system but i have run the game before?

I have done a complete reformat of my computer recently, also updated all drivers and windows.

Also patched the game to 1.05.

Please anyones help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much John.

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ok, but what exactly is your problem? what happen? any msg error? "can not launch" didn't tell us anything...

your machine will load GRAW2 fine, I have a old PC here with the same specs running both GRAWs fine.

did you installed AGEIA drivers right?

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reinstall the game and try again, if you havent done that after the reformat, reformatting can sometimes play havoc with the registry.

@ hajas he did state the issue it came up with the hourglass then nothing whatsoever, no instance of the game actually loading, or giving a crash message.

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