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a new Total Conversion Mod "Sabotage"

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Although im not working on this aspect of the mod yet. Depending on how hard it is to rig characters in a virtual machine. I may consider it. I will keep in touch.

This level was currupted 3 times already and I still managed to recover it. I have no idea how! It continues to be a pain but starting to take shape ;)


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Sorry about not having any of your textures on the test level wombat. I'll be using them and using them on the Killhouse too for sure.

Whoever tries it. Leave me some feedback. Things you like and don't like.

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User Interface, addition of new sounds is very nice.

Great looking feel to the map.
The trees are fantastic.
I think there are enough structures
but needs more plants to break up the open areas.


Ground texture, brick and roof trim would look better scaled down.
Top of windows and doorways same height.

From the outside I can walk through the area highlighted in red.


Example of roof trim(fascia) where the grain of the wood runs in the correct direction.

Not so good around the shutters as the trim on the sides has the grain running horizontally.

Might be a nitpick but the little things add up.


Ran around checking for collision issues. The one above and this one are the only ones.

It was only this one spot on the two story. Other areas of this building OK.


Opened the door and could see through the walls.


I think it would look better if the wood grain ran the long way around the opening.

Maybe you intend to add windows so this would be a moot point.

I also think if the walls are brick on the outside they should be brick on the inside or maybe plaster.

Partitions in the building could be wood. I was a carpenter for 35 years so can't help but notice building details.

GR diehards and I greatly appreciate your work!

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Don't take the collision detection issues to serious yet since none of these buildings were technically finished at all.

Most of them are made the same way as all GR geometry is (polygons anyways), problem is... I don't like it to be honest. It doesn't look or feel right at all to me. That nagging little thought has consumed me as I kept making buildings.

I might go rediculous and remodel/bake entire buildings.

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I checked the whole map for collision issues. Just slid my character up against buildings or terrain.

So the few areas I found says it is not a big issue. Checked the trees to see they were gunshot transparent which they were.

I remember one map that had a plant that wasn't and it made the map more difficult to play. Guilty of not checking this issue on my own work too when retexturing.

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You know what, im going to make one building with burnt textures, add it into the level, and add the same building next door without it being burnt. Then upload the map folder again.

I am like 90% positive the results alone will make a HUGE difference. Problem is texture size goes up, texture quality doesn't really improve but... the textures will look and feel much more realistic.

Ill upload it latertoday at some point.

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Ok so here it is!... lol the burning of the textures didn't VASTLY improve the look, oh why oh why does GR engine have to be so old. I just want some ambient occlusion lol. I did put the burnt model into the level. No real need for the other to make the comparison. You will see it on the adjacent corner of the large brick hotel.

So this is the pros and cons......


-Entire model burnt and completely texturable (every poly)

-Only requires 1 texture per structure

-Does add a little extra depth GR lighting does not.


-Big structures will not be able to do this. Without losing pixel fedelity up close.

-Takes a little longer to create the buildings.

-Would be difficult on large urban enviroments

-Big file sizes

Overall: I like it but I think being really methodical about using textures is going to be what has to be done.


Just replace the old map folder with this.


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Hey give this one the run around too ;)

I know it has an AI issue due to sherman levels, but so far havent found any major collision issues. You can climb under hand rails, stand up and you will plop to the floor. I am thinking about leaving that in there for fun. Oh yeah, and under the stairs is an error.

Just place the folders in the mod and it should run fine.

WIP Killhouse


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Good to see you guys working hard on this, been a long time for me to play or do any work in IGOR, but I see the game and modding it are still alive and in good hands with you old timers and newer modders to boot. I can't even load my game on the newest machine cause I've lost the key and have to buy GR org at least...I saw that COG GOG or whatever they're called had it during the holidays for about 4 USD...maybe I'll dld it from them..my other discs DS n IT should work I guess.

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