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a new Total Conversion Mod "Sabotage"

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I've been thinking about this idea for a while. Almost a year to be exact. Well work started yesterday. Get ready for a kick in the butt!

MOD Name: Sabotage

Release date: TBA


Storyline: After retaking moscow, the ghosts continue to conduct reconnaissance and find a rogue general still commanding hundreds of Russian elite soldiers and ultra nationalists. Through hit and run tactics the ghosts are supposed to disable the organization and render it dead. What they discover will put their abilities to the test and show the rest of the world what it takes to be a GHOST.

Hold on tight guys! ;)


By the way... Need people to help! =P

Looking for:


characters, levels, weapons, objects etc.... all of em! Quality work only!



-Voice actors

including one female with a good mic that doesnt pickup much noise

and one gnarly ass dude to play the voice of the president and deliver an awesome speech! with a good microphone of course.

plus others (more the marrier need decent microphones)

-Audio techs

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The story line was actually made within the past few days when I really started brainstorming. Its going to be easy to tell from start to finish through the briefings and videos played after missions. The thing I realized over the past year is telling the story through game play is almost impossible, although the start mission sounds and a few zone activated dialogues will definitly let you feel what the characters personalities are the rest has to be in the briefings.

The missions of course will go along with the name of the mod "Sabotage" its about disabling the generals strong hold and breaking it down of course no stories good with no twists or peaks ;)

The guts of this mod is definitely going to be the quality

The glory is that feeling of damn special forces freak stuff up.

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Slow progress ( A year later) but im in no hurry. GR isn't going anywhere lol. Actually the whole mod got canned and I gave up but recently I decided what the hell... ill just make a mod until im happy or gr.net disapears.

UI is getting a face lift slowly, and some modeling continues. M4 at 800polygons. Needs a remap / more cleanup. (trust me more not shown yet) ;)



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Love it! :thumbsup:

Storyline is very promising and UI samples are nice and clean. New weapon models from you can only mean excellence. Don't you dare giving up on this mod again! Very very much looking forward to this!

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This is only going to get more fun. I pretty much did all the UI / hud stuff I wanted. Calling that part done for now. Working on the harder stuff now.


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Yep, figured I modded the game this far might as well keep on going (gump ha).

Trying to make some foliage and props for the levels now. Just so I have a decent archive of stuff to use when I get to that point. I changed all the music already, similar in type to wowv3.

Think for starters since I only made some basic maps before (although looking at the tutorials I completely understand them), I will try to make a Ft.Benning level and replace the original training map with it. If possible.

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Hey if anyone else lurking this thread is good at any type of modding. Contact me via Xfire. Username: prozac360

this is a work in progress....


Almost finished. Calling it done for tonight. ;)


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