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[DCS] Pilots and Ghost Recon fans get ready!

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If memory servers me well, there were a few missions, stock and fan made, that you called in an air strike to take out a tank or artillery piece that was pounding away at someone somewhere. I know some of you were thinking "Man I wish I could be the one flying in and actually doing that strike on the target!" Well now you can *sort of*. With the upcoming addon to the DCS world, the DCS: A-10C, ED has extended the map into the Russian - Georgia area even more and is now including the Tbilisi area. =) You can now set up your favorite moments in the [Ghost Recon] and take your A-10C *even though in the game I think they were F-15E's but that wont be happening for the DCS series any time soon :(* and bomb the hell out of those artillery and tank pieces for your Ghost friends on the ground. I was reading this interview and started thinking about GR when I saw this. Or for you creative ones, you can make up new missions in that area and they can be part of the untold battles that the ghost took on or something along those lines.

Personally I though it would be cool to be flying in the A-10 and bomb some tanks that are shooting at our guys on the ground and pretending those guys on the ground are the ghost calling in some air support. I'm sure some creative guys on here can *I will try and do this myself* set up a mini campaign to replicate some missions to help out the ghost in some missions. What do you guys think? Sounds cool huh?

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