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Musical Scores


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What is a film or a game without a great musical score?

I'm going to start by giving some from games since for most of the late spring and early summer I've been caught up playing two games over n over that both have awesome scores IMO -

Just finished BIOSHOCK 2 yet again and boy do I love this one - wish I had it on disc...sometimes run the credits just to hear the music....

Call of Pripyat! man the ambient audio in the Pripyat level is awesome and creepy too...

HL2, EP1, EP2....nuff said....

I've been listening to the score from PAINKILLER while driving my truck lately...great heavy metal and great ambient background in those levels....my fav - the music from the TOWN level and from ASYLUM...

we all know GR is great....


Once Upon A Time In The West...



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Movie Soundtracks:


Road to Perdition, Scent of a Woman, The Shawshank Redemption


Black Beauty


Glory, Legends of the Fall, The Perfect Storm, Braveheart


Wyatt Earp, Blood Diamond

Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman

Last of the Mohicans

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