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Examiner article on FS


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I'm cherry-picking here, but this statement sums it up well. "...I didn't expect the series to go that far into the future and in all likelihood, the Ghost Recon that I know is dead. In my mind, I have a feeling it won't define my PC gaming experience like the first one did..." The first half of the article is spot-on. The second half is far too kind to FS.

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That was a great read, word for word it summed it up perfectly.

I based all my next game purchases off of [GR] and that meant alot of time purchasing not a lot, I got IL2 & expansions because to me it was [GR] in flight :) I then went to Raven Shield for CQB (everything after that didn't do it for me at all in that area) and after a spell of pretty much buying things I got bored with fairly fast and then finally putting [GR] to bed about 2006, nothing for a year and then Arma ... 2 and now Operation Arrowhead comes forth.

Slightly off topic I guess but my point was through most of them if it didn't smell of [GR] in some way feeling wise it never cut it. Im really not sure if GR FS will bring that feel to it, once you add all the gadgets and such it might not at all. then again theirs a small part of me looking at the stealth aspect but its "holding on" to an ideal I suppose.

If someone just based a game purely on [GR] in every aspect and upped the engine I think that would have been our GR2.

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